Thursday, January 13, 2005


I change my desktop picture often. Sometimes daily. For the last week, I've had Windows XP desktop picture called Azul.
The window to my left faces west, and also the pasture and horse pens. I see snow and I also know that when I walked in, about 30 minutes ago, it was 6 degrees. But this north wind is supposed to continue which will cause it to turn cold. The window to the right of the computer faces north. The view is of cold, no, squeaky cold, snow.
So, right between these two windows sits Azul. A picture of a small Island. The three palm trees on the island, almost take up all of the island. The water between me and the island looks clear blue. There's a large boat on the side of the picture, maybe fifty yards left and back of the island.
I have moved all of my icons out of the water. I want to be able to see anything that might happen in the water. I sometimes sit and stare. Waiting for something to happen.
Wait, I hear something, it must be two jet skis. Maybe it's a photographer and three Sports Illustrated swimsuit models on their way to that little island. Maybe the water would be shallow enough, that I could walk over there. Maybe, Oh good, it's two Nebraska farmers, built just like me. They stopped and said that because there was no bowl game to go to, they decided to come down here.
I need to get a life.

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