Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year

My buddy Ralph says that on this first day of the year he has decided to drink only good coffee in 2005. I would add that there isn't time to deal with people who display no sense of humor either. I guess that's why he is a close friend. He seems able to see the humor in most things. It seems that it's human nature is to be frail, and the frailest are the ones who can carefully listen to someone tell a humorous story and then continue with a complaint about, say, his work, acting as though nothing had been said, not even the hint of a smile. They seem to say "Don't try to cheer me up, I rather enjoy being trapped in this one room mind". I know people who refuse to talk about anything but their jobs. They have no interest in anything but their farm, or truck or whatever the case may be.
Tim Allan, the comedian, said this week that they've thrown Martha Stewart in Jail. Osama Bin Laden, O.J., and Kobe Bryant run loose, but they take the only woman in America who likes cooking, cleaning, entertaining company, and doing yard work, and they throw her rear in jail.
The people I'm talking about wouldn't,no couldn't crack a smile about what Tim said. Well have a cup of good coffee and laugh.
This New Years Day reminded me of years gone by, when Mom would put on a pot of chili, I'd take down the Christmas tree and then late in the Day we'd watch Nebraska play football in a bowl game that only had one name. Like Orange, or Sugar, or Cotton, or... Well I recall the year that I had talked Mom into buying a long needled pine. It was a really ornery tree. It was like trying to decorate a porcupine. I took it down on New Years Day while Dad sat in his old rocking chair right next to the tree, watching football games. Twice that day, the tree upset on top of Dad. The sharp needles stuck his bald head. There wasn't much blood. Mom covered her face, and started shaking. I think maybe a chill. Dad wondered if it wouldn't be a good idea to go back to the fake tree with the 'hand railing' trunk. We did.


Anonymous said...


You are so right on about the humor part. I think there are people who don't know how to laugh.


Anonymous said...

I can just picture this...what a riot!!..Okie Sis

bridgesitter said...

I've just finished reading your whole blog, and that last about Martha Stewart and your mother getting a chill had me rolling out of my chair, my dogs think I had a heart attack or something. Thanks so much for the laughter.