Saturday, January 22, 2005

Just Typing

By virtue of the fact that I have been 'linked to' by several people, and that I appreciate that, it make me feel bad that I cannot figure out how to put a link to someone elses site under the 'Links' heading.
I've been reading, and seeing my name mentioned in 'comments' but it has become evident to me that I'm over my head on this blogging deal. Back when I went to school I took typing. Not blogging. Not even keyboarding. Until recently I thought the 'Links' icon was a 'frog with big eyes' and that it meant 'jump to' something. It may look like a blog but I'm just typing.
So until Marty or someone straightens me out, thanks for reading.


bridgesitter said...

Hi Cliff, first you want to go to your template, scroll down towards the bottom until you see where it mentions links. Now I tried to cut and paste directions for this but it won't let me put the html into this comment box. In between the funny arrow like > things will be a six, under that you you will see what looks like this < a u and an l followed by another > under this is where you want to put in your link so start by typying in an arrow < then put and l and i followed by > then < type an a then type href = then " http then : then two slashes // then cut and paste your link page followed by a " then this sign < then slash a > then < l and i then finally >. This you could do better on a word pad first, type whatever you want your link to be called. Now mind you all these slashes and letters have no spaces in between them, but I'm trying to put it together without actually typing the html. It won't let me keep them together here. Try this....let me know if it works. But this is probably the most difficult explanation possible. I got confused just typing this. Any way I tried....;) or you could go and look at your template and see where the links to Marty's and cliff's blogs are then type the same way watching carefully your quotation marks and the like. Talk about overwriting!!!!!

cbeck said...

perhaps you already have this figured out, but simplifying the comment above, do it like

[a href=""]text to click on[/a]

and replace all the ['s and ]'s with <'s and >'s respectively

Cliff Morrow said...

Thanks to all. With a combination of the comments from cbeck and bridgesitter and a phone call from Marty, AND trial and error, I got the job done. I do appreciate the help. I think I could even do it again. Cliff

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...


I'll give you call sometime. Maybe you can explain to me how to do it - not any easy task.