Monday, January 03, 2005

The Geese

We have about 7 miles of rock and gravel covered roads to get out to our farm. Some of our neighbors who live right next to that road have 3 geese. The geese spent last winter by the road and are going to do it again this winter. At least it appears to be the case.
When we drive by with a vehicle, they arise from their position in the center of the farms driveway, don't move their feet, but throw their little heads forward with their mouths wide open. I'm sure if I was going slow and rolled the window down, I could hear them honk their disapproval with me. It looks as though the main goal in their life, is to complain. Surely someone must feed them, they must have open water somewhere to drink, and they have no young to raise, and have decided to just wait until someone drives by, me for instance, and complain.
Tonight it dawned on me as I drove by the geese, and the big male looked particularly perturbed with me, that our society is full of "geese".
They join churches, clubs and groups of every discription, or they watch local governmental bodies. Watching for some sort of movement, some activity, and then they honk.
Never enough fortitude to stand up in the middle of the road (or meeting)to say what is on their mind. It's more fun hoping they can make someone, who is busy, and going somewhere, to loose control and wreck.

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