Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Beautiful Nebraska

Looking at the landscape here in Nebraska, this time of year, is well, how shall I say this, uh... Uninspiring. I step out of my house and can see about a quarter mile of dirt, partially covered with snow. The land comes to an abrupt stop at the timber. The timber reaches to the sky. The timber is a wonderful shade of, uh, brown. The sky is grey or gray or it can be best described this morning as a washed out pink on the edges and then turns to shades of grey or gray. The grain bins are a faded shade of galvanized or grey or gray.
The song Beautiful Nebraska, wasn't written near the Missouri River in January.
I'm even wondering why I bought a new camera that takes 'color' pictures.
Maybe I should get one of those bright lights to sit under.
Don't worry about me. I do have brilliant colors in my life. My desk is dark brown, my printer is grey or gray, and my shades in this room are light brown. I have a brown floor and brown woodwork.
How much are tickets to the coast?


bridgesitter said...

Good Morning Cliff and thanks for the first laugh of the day. You are welcome to come to the coast, we do have a little different variety in color here, we have gray skies, dark greyish blue ocean and green trees, lots of green trees and moss. We also have an abundance of mold. It thrives here. We are known for our liquid sunshine and we rust instead of tan.

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh every time I read you pages. It is great to have alink back to home. We have 2 colors here on the island in Alaska. Green and white. We just had 2-3 feet of snow (white), and now it is raining and melting the snow, and the evergreen trees are green. we can't see the sky very often as it is overcast most of the time.

Great reading your blogs. Mom posted the one of the farm dog eating all of the extension cords and the Christmas lights. Dad laughed real hard when the dog ate my extension cord that I had plugged into the truck, and when I got hom a week later, the dog had eaten his Christmas lights. It was my turn to laugh. Dad didn't see the humor this time.

Keep up the stories. I enjoy reading them. Now that I can comment on them, I will.

greg clements

Cliff Morrow said...

greg it's great to hear from you. Just knowing someone is reading really lifts the spirits. The 12' pieces blog was great. Your Mom should start a blog. later cliff

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...


Read this and thought I should do one on Colorful Colorado. I must be lazy today because I really thought - heck, why go to all the trouble, copy Cliff's change the title, replace Nebraska with Colorado, and change the grey sky to blue (that must be the Colorful part this time of year).

Good Blog.


Anonymous said...

Really enjoy hearing about good old Nebraska. After nearly 20 years of being away,I had forgotten about some of the simple things that make life worth living. The country life and the everyday things we often forget to enjoy. Keep lifting our spirits.

Cold in Indianapolis!!

Cliff Morrow said...

Dear Cold, Thanks so much for the thoughts. They are appreciated. C

jon said...

I was searching for dog toy info and found this post. I agree totally!