Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Is This Heaven?

We've been suffering with triple digit heat and dew points in the low 80's. It has been painfull because the hardest task in farming is hauling irrigation pipe when it's hot. Okay, maybe not the hardest, but one of the hardest. Respiration is labored even while idle.
We had a front go through last night. We got almost an inch. That makes 2 and a half we've received in the last 10 days.
BUT,,,the big news is that it is 67 degrees right now. We expect mid 70's for a high. Tonights low is expected to nearly break a record low in the mid 50's.
The temps are to return to the low 90's by the weekend, but for now, let's pretend it's fall in Tekamah. (pronounced- tee-Kay'-muh)


Jamie Dawn said...

Enjoy the lower temp while you can. Heat simply wears a person out. I would have to turn those irrigation sprinklers on myself now and then. I would be worthless tryiing to work outside on a hot day.

Rhodent said...

I hate hot weather. I hate hot humid weather even more. Florida has a lot of hot humid weather. Why am I here?

You all have had quite a heat wave! Nebraska is not supposed to be that hot. I hope you all have airconditioning in the barn and chicken coop. Your corn will be popping in the field!

Hope your critters don't get overheated!

Cliff Morrow said...

The same thermometer that read 110, once last week, as I comment, reads 47 this morning. Twenty some degrees below normal. 92 by Wednesday. :}

Jerry said...

71 degrees here in Tulsa, 62 degrees back in Indiana. This IS heaven! Let's get outside and blow some stink off of us!

JUST A MOM said...

HOLLY COW, Cliff ,or is it CORN? hahaha I am so sorry that is um thick!I know that dew point with the triple digets, that just plain SUCKS! Be careful and enjoy your day! When we rented once with a good air conditioner I would crank it to 60 and put on sweaters to pretend! The landlord was not happy. :)

magz said...

yup, we can do dew points alright.. and i'd like to point out that the swamp coolers quit working at about 55. I have heat rash and moldy patches on me from working outside...eyes burn when the bandana overloads.. glasses slip off yer nose.. and little kids smirk at the weird wet spots on yer shorts

whoever said that the human body is 97.6% moisture was right! somehow tho.. ya just cant make a romantic song outta "sweat Me A River.. and I'll sweat a river over you.."

Untill 5;46 pm today, when the softish 5/8ths inch rain suddenly turned strait sideways, spit a few hailstones and dropped 40 degrees in 2 minutes. (It was wonderful cliff.. and I even got to put on a sweatshirt for about 10 minutes)

Arizona Monsoon Madness where you can always expect the unexpected. It's been a loooong time getting here this year and I'm not even growing decent weeds yet, but I suspect it'll stick around a little longer this year.

Missed ya pal, and appriciate your kind thoughts and comments. Love to the fambly.. and keep those sheepboots and sweatshirts handy!