Thursday, July 21, 2005

Pick a name. Pipe irrigation. Flood irrigation. Gated pipe irrigation. They all are correct. That is cold ground water being pumped out of the pipe. We will run those gates open for about 8 hours and then open another set and close these. The effort required to reach the point of running water from the pipe takes considerable labor, effort, and youth. Yes, youth is the key and on this farm that must be hired.


Jamie Dawn said...

Oh, let's not be silly now!
From what I've seen and read, you and Marilyn are the epitome of youthful vigor. Well, atleast Marilyn is anyway.

If you've got the energy to run over those nibbling deer, you're still young in my book. I'm sending PETA reps with signs and cameras this weekend. Be ready!

Jerry said...


I love your blog! Would you mind if I posted your blog as one of my links?

It is interesting to see the different farming methods just 3 states apart. We don't irrigate here, and right now are just a hair shy of being flooded with the daily rains we've been getting.

I'll have to drop your nephew a line. I thought he was your brother.

JUST A MOM said...

ooooooooooo Cliff your farmin is really getting to me. It is so neat!! I would love it, but not as big as yours. Hey maybe we could come help out.