Thursday, October 12, 2006

Deer Hunting

Marilyn went deer hunting Monday night.
With her car.
She got one.
If the impact hadn't killed the deer...the twenty foot fall from the sky would have.
Marilyns fine. Mad.
The van isn't fine.
Morrow Collision Center will take care of the van.

Harvest pics from our farm?? Dan has one on his site.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Marilyn is OK Cliff, the van is probably fixable the deer isn't!!!

Jerry said...

The deer was probably startled from the roar of a large combine in a nearby cornfield. Hmmm. I gotta believe that somehow this is going to be all your fault, Cliff.

Glad Marilyn wasn't harmed. Still, it's nice of her to drum up some business for the boys.

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Glad to hear Marilyn is okay.

Gette said...

I hate that kind of deer hunting. Just ask my grille. Or the hood of our old Mazda. I always feel all sad for the deer, too. And they're usually to bruised to salvage any good meat.

Jamie Dawn said...

How scary! I hit a dog once and it freaked me out. I was shaking for an hour afterwards. I can't imagine hitting a deer.
Sorry about the damage to your van, and I am sure glad Marilyn is okay.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh my word..glad she is ok..

i once hit a baby deer, it had its spots still, and it made a very bad sound..I never knew a deer made noise, till that day.

Rachel said...

Glad Marilyn is okay after the run in with the deer. Poor deer. Poor van.

Glad to see you posting something. I know you are busy with harvest now though.

Jim said...

Did you tell Marilyn to drive more carefully?
I didn't understand the twenty-foot fall from the sky? Did she knock it off a high bridge?

Cliff Morrow said...

No jim, the sheriff that witnessed the collision in his rear view mirror estimated that the deer had flown about twenty feet up when Marilyn hit it.

Mike said...

I'm relieved Marilyn is OK. That's pretty handy having the Collison Center on retainer for the Van. Have a great weekend, regardless.

JunieRose2005 said...

Oh, my goodness! Glad your wife is ok.


1 plus twins said...

oh my, i am glad your wife is ok. hey my hubby hit a guy riding his bike, (long story the bike guy got a tiket) does your sons shop make house calls we sure could use it!!

TamWill said...

Oh my goodness I bet your dear wife was scared! I hit a horse many years ago and it scared the bejeebees out of me.

Glad to hear that she is ok and its nice to have a trusted reliable collision man in the family eh?

ray said...

I was looking for a blog on deer hunting but this isnt what I thought it would be. Glad your wife is ok.