Friday, October 13, 2006

My Troubles Didn't Start Until I Was Born!

When I started to attend our little country school, the girls all made fun of my big ears and the way they stuck out.
Now that I've gotten old, they're still big...but now, as you can see, they hang down.


Rachel said...

Well, bless your heart Cliff. It looks like you are all ears now......

Anonymous said...

You left yourself wide open on this blog didn't you? Imaginary minds can (an I'm sure will) come up with all sorts of things. But it does remind me of the kids song:
Do your ears hang low, do they wobble to and fro?
Can you throw them over your shoulder like a Continental soldier?
Do your ears hang low?

Jerry said...

Your corn looks a lot better than ours. Great photo, Cliff!

Anonymous said...

Elmo's version of the song:
Do your ears hang low,
Do they wobble to and fro,
Can you tie them in a knot,
Can you tie them in a bow,
Do they dangle to your toes,
Do they wrap around your nose,
Do your ears hang low.
Love Madi

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

Are we still talking about your ears???

Cliff Morrow said...

Okay people, the picture clearly shows corn in it's ready for harvest condition. The EARS of corn have 'dropped'. (they are now pointing down as opposed they're normal growing season condition of pointing up...or erect.
This post is about ears.

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Looks like harvest should be in full swing. I sure hope this post about ears doesn't start problems like the one you wrote about stinky feet did.

Britmum said...

Have you heard the new version of Do your ears hang low?

It goes:-

Do you chain hang low?
Do the wobble to and fro?
Does it shine in the dark?
Is it made of platinum or gold?

hehehehe too funny!!!

I am glad that your ears have been harvested safely Cliff.

Take care xx

Kendra Lynn said...

Ears are such strange things. LOL
I like the pic of the corn reminds me of growing up and visiting the family farm.


LZ Blogger said...

Yes Cliff the first statement may be true... but you may have caused Mom a few pains even BEFORE that day. By the way... those BIG ears look like BIG MONEY to me! ~ jb///

Anonymous said...

I'm havin' the same trouble Cliff, everyting pointing down rather than bein' erect... sigh!

Rachel said...

Thank you Peter!! Loved your comment!! LMBO over that one!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

all of a sudden i have a desire to come nibble on your ears cliff;)

Miki said...

Cliff, I don't want to say what is on my mind right now....oh heck, I will: At least it is only your ears that are hanging down! Seriously, isn't it a problem if they fall off???? Sorry, couldn't resist!!

Rachel said...

You are not alone Cliff. Dumbo had big ears too.

1 plus twins said...

man cliff you opened yourself wide open on this one. then comment back to everyone trying to explain that the ears are usually standing erect!!! you just can't help yourself can you??!! lol

Jamie Dawn said...

Do your ears hang low?
I can hear that song clearly as I reminisce about the hundreds of times I heard that song because it was on a video my kids had.
Make it STOP!!!!

**Silvermoon** GEL said...

Since I read your "performance undies" post just prior to this one, I think it's prudent that blogger ate my original reply here.
Everything reaches towards the floor as one ages...or so I've heard.