Sunday, October 01, 2006


I have been to two concerts this year. One was a local concert that drew some big name country stars to right here in Tekamah.
Last night we were treated to the River City Roundup rodeo and the concert that followed. The River City Roundup in Omaha is similar to the Denver Stock Show and is better in many ways. We saw Jennifer Nettles and Sugarland. Unbelievable talent this girl has.
An observation of mine from both concerts. Loud music makes some women in the audience stand up at the beginning of the first song, raise their hands into the air and move them from side to side and they sing and sway with the music as well as moving their hips in a suggestive circular manner. They do this from the start of the concert, all the way to the end.
I want to state here and now for the record, that if loud music made my wife stand up, wave her arms from side to side and move her hips in a circular, suggestive motion... I would buy one of those big, loud stereos.


Jim said...

I will borrow one from my grandkid and WE can play the music for her.

Your comment on my blog and my reply: (it made me think awhile, you know we weren't rich)

Cliff Morrow said...
Jim, My brother E. said to me two days ago, "My grandkids have as many toys as Jim Hovendick had when we would visit Marge and Vernon back in the old days.

Sun Oct 01, 09:05:03 PM CDT

Jim said...
I guess we were pretty well off, Cliff. I just never thought of it that way. I really think Ed's grandkids have a lot more than we/I had.
Lois and I shared a bicycle, a girls one at that, that Dad ordered from Sears.
My favorite toy was a cast iron Yellow Cab, 1920's design. Dad's aunt gave two of them to John. John was being selfish with them and Grandpa just took one away from him and gave it to me to keep.
I had a few toy farm impliments and a cardboard farm set with a barn.
That's about all I can say, except that I probably had more toys than you guys with a larger family and it did seem like a lot then.

Sun Oct 01, 09:24:36 PM CDT

Anonymous said...

Yeah that Jim had a heap too many toys!!!
Bad luck that Marilyn doesn't "move" with the music Cliff, but then you might suffer a heart attack or something if she did.

Britmum said...

Wave your hands in the air like you just don't care. Ooops I better tell Scragend to turn that music down.

He he he!!!!!

Take care and I am doing better xx

JUST A MOM said...

Well if I were to go to one of them there concert I do think even at MY AGE I jsut might have to TRY and do them there same things!!! hey Cliff how ya doin.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, your're real funny Cliff. See what I have to live with??

1 plus twins said...

ha ha that must be why my hubby got surround sound for the house!! lol

Anonymous said...

Jim----can you connect me with Lois??---Robbie Morrow---Fran's wife--(eldest bro of cliff)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i say the louder the better..


Rachel said...

Haha Cliff!! Sounds like you watched the hip action quite a bit at the concert!! But at least you know who sang! I haven't been to a concert in so long. I was never one to get up and sway like they do now. Back then someone got up and acted like that and the people behind them told them to sit down in a non-friendly threatening tone, and they did. (Thank God) I didn't want a fight breaking out and it was on the brink! But with them standing then the ones behind couldn't see.

If that is truly Marilyn's comment above then I think you might as well save your money and not buy the big loud stereo.

Jerry said...

Try playing some Prince music. That seems to always put the younger girls in motion.

Jamie Dawn said...

I saw Kansas in concert this summer, and I must agree that there is the arm waving and hip gyration that goes on.
I must also point out that some of those who participate in said gyration may be having a great time, but those of us who have the gyrating women in our line of sight do not always enjoy it so much. This is especially true when said gyrating women are intoxicated, loud, obnoxious, and wearing belly baring tops with bellies that are too fat for such tops.
I suppose your lovely wife does not want to be lumped into the aforementioned group.
I do believe Marilyn could be coaxed into a private dance session for your eyes only should you provide the right incentive. Just a thought.

Gette said...

Woo Hoo!

(/) (\) (/) (\) (/) (\) (/) (\)

Oops. Sorry.

**SilvermOOn** said...

From the many tender posts interspersed among the humorous, it's quite evident that Marilyn has her own "moves" that work eeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaa well for you. *Wink*

P.S. I can't remember if you knew me on my old blog when I posted my one of my "secrets" as "Dancing Queen." OMG, if so, thank goodness it didn't give you a heart attack and good thing I don't post videos, as tame as it was. (I dance for least that's all I'll say here.

Rhodent said...

LOL Music is a fun way to let loose at any age. Do you think Marilyn will feel tha same way if you do the dance?

Kendra Lynn said...

SCott and I both really laughed at this post! Maybe you should buy a stereo and try it out. :)

Anonymous said...
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