Sunday, November 19, 2006

Customer Appreciation Party at the Body Shop!

This was during the 2nd quarter of the Ne vs Texas A&M game. The game is being projected onto the wall. The flash from this pic washed it out. You're looking at about half of the people. It looks like a quiet bunch of folks. Pictures can be deceptive. I was stationed all day near where Marilyn was standing when she snapped this picture.

Two of our kids. Dan owns the shop and his sister came to help with the party. Dan has a look in his eye that indicates he's up to something. It's because he usually is... Unless he's asleep.

This is me slicing meat. I cooked it all, the day before,(all 70# of it) refridgerated it over night, and then sliced it and dropped it into hot, thickened aus jus, just before making the sandwiches.
I have found that if cooked correctly in the most basic of manners, a top sirloin roast or smoked salmon, will evoke questions like, "Wow, is this prime rib?" or "Do you have a secret?" or "Tell me exactly how you did this." I'll guarantee you that if I did it,,,there wasn't much effort put into it.

My daughter came over to relieve me of my duties late in the afternoon. As it turned out it was just in time for me to watch the most exciting 2 minutes of football in about a decade of Husker football. She may take an increasing role in this annual event. I'm pretty good at sharpening knives. I'll do that. She can slice and serve the meat. I'm guessing we'll need more meat if she slices. Which of these two would you rather get a sandwich from??

Dan and Tom have this business on a roll because they do good work and they know how to treat customers. Good party!!


Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

I'll get my sandwich from Julie for two reasons. It sounds like she makes a better sandwich. And two, she is a whole lot better looking.
Sounds like the party was a success.

Rachel said...

Glad you posted the pictures Cliff. Looks like a good turnout.
The food sounds good and I'm sure it was.

Not sure about your striped apron though. It doesn't exactly match your hat! :)

I like the picture of you smiling. I notice you don't always smile a lot in the pictures you post, so it's nice to see!

Miki said...

I love this post, a great idea, and good for business too! Hope that you had a good time even though you worked hard! I kind of like the striped apron, it is wimsical, kind of like some of your posts. Carry on, Cliff! Carry on!

Anonymous said...

What a family, it's an honour to know you all Cliff, even if only via the blogworld.

Kendra Lynn said...

Looks like it was fun. :)


Jerry said...

I'm wondering about the apron. Were you the cook and the referee?

All that talk of food is making me hungry. Glad y'all had a great party.

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

Wow - clearly a great time. Super game, delicious eats and good friend. What a combo.