Thursday, November 30, 2006

Before reading my blog below, go read something with some substance. Read Merry Christmas-And No Apology. It's worth your time. Someday I hope to grow up and be like Mike.


EV said...

I ended up stopping by Kendra's - "A Word Fitly Spoken" by way of your shout-out. Thanx, Cliff. I blogrolled her; I loved her post about the homeless man.

Paul Nichols said...

See Mike's comment above? Pretend I wrote it. Thanks, Cliff. You know how I have a soft spot for homeless people.

Jim said...

Somehow I missed the Kendra thing. We have a soft spot for the homeless also. Houston and even here around Conroe have a lot.
I probably don't do enough though.

Mike's Christmas blog was pretty much right on except the school prayer thing. It might force an untrue religion on our kids, we can't guarantee it would be prayers to our liking. (My perspective on that.)

Miki said...

Cliff, I agree with you on the celeb thing, it is way out of hand. I try to teach my children values and morals, but the whole media frenzy with this one having a baby and this one getting married/divorced, and who is drunk and who is going into rehab etc. HOw do the kids who don't have parents watching over them know that this isn't behavior to emulate????? I am not a regular churchgoer, but, I do "run" a decent house with the help of my husband. We have rules here and don't make excuses for them. I know that some of my kids' friends don't like that, but TOUGH!

Anonymous said...


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