Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Views From Around the Farm

This is my oldest Brother pulling in the last load of corn for 2006. Notice the extreme ruts we've made by pulling corn down a soft field road. This land was irrigated and then added to it were the late season rains to make the field more or less like running heavy equipment on a water bed. This unit was only stuck in the mud one time. This good record due to a good operator at the wheel.
Marilyn shot this a couple of mornings ago. The harvest is over and the machinery is getting a bath before being stored away till next season. That's our combine on the left, the grain cart in the middle, and the tractor and disk on the right.

Brother Ed is on the combine and that's me on the ground. Ed has run the combine for me since time immemorial... Okay, at least since I've been farming.
The two Brothers above (the one in the top pic and Ed) both live locally and the one not pictured is from the Omaha area. He comes up when called and can operate everything on the farm including the combine.


Paul Nichols said...

While watching some ladies shuck corn at the grocery store recently, I thought about you.

I also learned something about corn just yesterday. That is, there is a certain kind of corn grown specifically for chips. You know, Fritos and so forth.

Well, thanks for being there. Enjoy your next good night's sleep.

PinkCat said...

I think that it is great that your brothers can multi task like that.

Great pictures.

Take care xx

Rachel said...

How wonderful that your brothers help and are old pros like yourself. Did I say old? Well, you know what I mean!

If Ralph had been helping would the machine he was operating have been stuck in the mud? Oh, sorry Ralph, it was just a thought!

I'm glad you had a good crop this year Cliff and that the harvest is all done. Now sit back and relax a bit.

Claire said...

What cool pictures! You guys have been busy!


nora leona said...

I'm glad to see that you are a good John Deere operation.
I went to the Arizona State Fair yesterday and not a tractor in sight.
Get some rest!

JunieRose2005 said...

Oh, my! Quite an operation you have going there!

My husband would like seeing all those John Deere machines! I'll have to remember to show him this post!


Ralph said...

Nice pictures and nice job.
Rachel to answer your question - yes.

Anonymous said...

It must be great to have all those willing helpers around so you can sit back and just make the executive decisions?? NO not you Cliff, Marilyn!!!!!!!

EV said...

Great pics again Cliff. I'm curious how DOES one learn to operate all the various types of heavy equipment???? I've worked driving front loaders in high school, but what about the bigger equipment????

eyes_only4him said...

u work too hard cliff, take a vaction please.

Cliff said...

Mike, I guess it's just a progressive learning experience. The combine has a companion seat that works well for letting someone ride along and observe and it lets them get used to the goings on. On field equipment my best method is to give enough instruction to keep them alive and send them to the field and then go out in an hour to answer questions.

Dan said...

We really wanted to make it up there to help this year at least once. Nice work.

Kendra Lynn said... THAT is quite an operation!
Very cool to see.
Thanks. :)
And Bossy's need to take a rest.


Jim said...

I wanted to come up and help too but was too busy being retired. I can drive the grain wagon tractor.
You are a good farmer washing down your equipment. You learned that from your Dad?
Some around here just leave them all outside for the winter, even in the fields where they shut them off. Maybe I can get a picture.

LZ Blogger said...

Wow Cliff! Now those are some BIG RIGS! (And I don't think they were cheap acquisitions either)! Take care of that INVESTMENT! ~ jb///

Anonymous said...

That's great that your older brothers come in at harvest time to help you out. Or is it that they remember what a goof-off kid you were and don't trust that you can get it done without their help? Either way, it's good to have reliable help.

Great pics!

Felecia said...

What great pictures; how nice to have the strong family ties you do, huh?

Anonymous said...

Your latest comment at holtieshouse has me confused Cliff, does it mean that I got a recommendation or missed out? I was riding high with my almost 2/3 good report now it appears I may still face rejection??? sigh!

JunieRose2005 said...


I just showed all your John Deere machines to Charles, my husband! He said to ask you if you needed a helper. If so he'd be willing to help out- without pay- just to drive those John Deere machines! ;)


JunieRose2005 said...

OH! Cliff,

Charles said to tell you he has a Restored 1949 model B John Deere!
He loves to ride it every now and then- just to 'show-off!!' :) I posted a pic of it a while back on my blog!


Guy Barry said...

Very interesting and great photos

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm so glad that stuff is men's work. I have no desire to know how to operate any of those big rigs. I do have a desire to eat sweet corn on the cob though.
Men do the work, so women can eat.
Sounds just right to me.

Idgie @ the "Dew" said...

Well, as Kenny Chesney sings.... "She thinks my tractor's sexy"....

HI Cliff! Long time with no pop in, but I'm trying to get back into blogging action again, however slowly.

Anonymous said...

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