Friday, November 10, 2006


Tomorrow is Veterans Day. It's being commemorated in our hometown today in two different programs. We owe all of our freedoms to these brave men, past and present. A great big Thanks to them and to YOU if you are one!!
It is raining, and 36 degrees right now. Think about that.
A deer hunter drove in a few minutes ago and parked and got out to go sit in a tree in this rain. Think about that.
I will pack away my bikini later today. You probably shouldn't think about that.
Tomorrow is the annual Morrow Collision Center customer appreciation party. Food, drinks, fellowship, and the Nebraska vs Texas A&M football game projected on the large north wall of the building. You are invited. The down side to this is that in the likely event that A&M wins, it will effectively shut down the party.
I have 10 salmon laying on the kitchen counter waiting to see what the inside of my smoker looks like. They have also been invited to the party.
I am going to town in a few minutes to pick up 70# of steak blocks for tomorrow's party. I will cook them today. If you're coming to the party, don't eat before you come.
Farming will have to wait till Monday.
Yes I'll have some pics of the party.


Rachel said...

Woohooo, it's party time sounds like!!! That is so nice they have the customer appreciation day. Usually around here about the only one I attend is at the bank. -

Hope the weather is decent for the festivities.

My salute to the veterans as well. We owe them so much.

That deer hunter is nuts.

You in a bikini - ROFL. Glad I wasn't drinking or eating anything when I read that one. I would have spewed food/drink all over my keyboard/screen!!

Enjoy the party Cliff!!!

Anonymous said...

So say all of us.
Hope the party goes well.
Nebraska win so the party can continue.

JUST A MOM said...

wow I stay away for a bit and you gotta resort to a bikini??? Is it that time again,, HAVE FUN!!!

EV said...

•Amen on Veteran’s Day. &
•I used to sit in a tree stand in windy subzero Wisconsin weather in my always failed attempts at deer hunting. I don’t deer hunt anymore. It was 85 here yesterday. &
•Maybe you should just burn your thong, Cliff. Think of it as a public service.&
•I’d love to join the Morrow Collision Center Customer Appreciation Party! No lie. Albeit, I fear I’d be the guy tied to the chassis alignment rack with the duct tape on his mouth …. And a plate of salmon politely set next to him …. To look at.&
•You all have a great time and weekend!! & .... oh, I'm done! ;)

nora leona said...

If I start driving right now, I think I can make it!
Jerry, do you want to road trip?

Lee said...

Sorry I can't make it to your party! I'm having one of my own today. Have a great time...I know I'm going to! ;)

Thanks for popping into my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm always ready for a road trip to the Morrows. But Dad's birthday is this weekend. Maybe after the holidays?

Cliff & Marilyn, have a great time up in Lincoln. Say hello to everyone from me.

I'm ignoring the bikini comment. I don't want nightmares tonight.

eyes_only4him said...

them poor poor samon..

so what time is dinner?

Dan said...

Salmon, the other pink meat.

Jim said...

My Texas newspaper said Nebraska is a one point favorite.

The Little Red Hen said, "Who will help me eat all this steak?"

The cow being milked said to the other cow, "He never comes unless he wants something"

Your customer friend base has increased greatly of late.

If there is room for one more, . . .

EV said...

Cliff, that was SOME ENTERTAINMENT you arranged for the party. I didn't watch the game, but I had the Yahoo Game Channel up and watched the play by play. Geez-a-lou, down to the last 20 seconds! Good game.

1 plus twins said...

you are killing me, first with your performance underwear and now your bikini!!! lord help me get the visuals out of my head!! lol hope the party was fun.

Paul Nichols said...

I happened to see the last half of that game. Glad your team won.

Then later I accidently turned the TV on and watched K-State win their game.

Interesting football day. And I'm not even a football fan.

I'll bet your party was fun.

Cliff said...

Paul and Mike, Some game eh... it doesn't get any better than that.

Unknown said...

Now everyone lay off Cliff's bikini. If it makes him feel pretty, who are we to judge? Besides, he couldn't look any worse than the North Dakota transvestite we saw this weekend.
My friend works at a gun and reel store, and I did indeed see the performance underwear. If its all it says it is, I'm gonna buy some for iPastor to stomp around in below zero rounds. Now he bundles up like Randy. Can't put his arms down...

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