Sunday, October 11, 2009

Great Article

If you have two extra minutes I would encourage you to read this article written by my boss, Terry Anderson at the Midwest Producer.


Jim said...

It was nice to meet Terry last summer. He is a nice guy and a good writer. And I wouldn't belong to HSUS if they paid me. I.e. I wouldn't work for them.
Really though, I think PETA is pretty funny. They are good blog fodder, the things they come up with.
The preacher today (Dr. Ed Young at Karen's church) said immature people like to be loud and bright. I cringed a little myself but those two organizations need to 'grow up.'

Shannon said...

AMEN!!!! Speak up, all farmers out there. Get off your rears, or our kids generation is going to pay greatly. My son had a friend over recently that didn't know that eggs had to be washed after they were laid. Good lord teach the children about where their food comes from so they can appreciate what we are doing around here. Someone told me recently that they felt sorry for dairy cows... they had just seen a peta movie on it. So I replied, "Have you ever BEEN to a dairy farm?" Nope. "Dairy cows are treated like freaking royalty, stop talking about things you know nothing about." They shut up real quick. :)

Lanny said...

That is a good article Cliff, thanks for linking it.

We (our family and its extension) are one of the many little little producers, and would fit nicely in someone's "green" view. If we were worried about our customer base, needed to justify what we do and/or were ignorant of the work others do, we could easily go around bashing the large producers. But we don't worry and we do not want the responsibility of producing for all those that the big producers produce for.

The conclusion of the article is a good one: if people wish to make an informed decision or if people desire others to make informed decisions, then both or all sides better start talking as loudly as the opposition. And it is best to talk intelligently and with integrity, intelligence and integrity might not get a person more support but it helps when the mattress is lumpy. (you can sleep at night)

EV said...

Great article, Cliff. "I'm tired of having people say, 'Don't say anything, don't go there.' Bull crap. If we don't, who will?" That how we got where we are - sinning through our silence. However, be prepared for long winded tantrums, whines and responses that are personal attacks or speak to another topic. Thanx for the link.

Jerry in Indiana said...

Amen, Brother Terry.

Ralph said...

That is a great article. We need people to address the issues not shy away from them.

Gette said...

Very articulate gentleman you work for, Cliff. Everyone should hope their boss is so smart.
It amazes me, even in farm country, how far removed so many people are from their food chain. Here in the heart of hunting country, however, one doesn't have to go far to get a thorough education on the food cycle in action.
Smaller, family-run, "green" operations are slowly cropping up as "factory" farming becomes cost-prohibitive for more and more producers. The pendulum will adjust itself eventually, and hopefully everyone from the producer to the consumer to the livestock will be better for it.

Jim said...

Back again, Cliff. I like your new profile picture! You've got your '58 Allis tractor home now.
And it looks really good sitting there in your yard.

Would you please post about it again. I would like to see that picture full sized. :-)