Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Nobel Peace Prize

President Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize.
He says he was surprised.
I'll bet he was.

When the President travels to Oslo to accept the prize, I'm guessing the Secret Service will have Kanye West under observation.


Ralph said...

I’m just madder than hell. Evidently, the Nobel Peace Prize nomination I submitted for you and me for “bringing America together” at Blogstock wasn’t even considered. It must be a name recognition thing and pure cheating.
It also downplays the importance of the award. In fact, I don’t even want it anymore.

Marc said...

Arafat, Carter, Now Obama.

He deserves that award.

Worthless award for a worthless man.

With his monstrous ego, he really feels self important now. God help us!

EV said...

The first post-America president. Clearly, the apologies worked. AND to quote the London Times, "The UN loves him because he is weak." It is interesting that he was nominated after two weeks in office.

Gette said...

I was surprised by this, too. As was the President.
But for all the naysayers and detractors, I pose two questions.
1. Can you, withut the use of google, et al, name last year's peace prize winner? Or economics, or science, or literature, for that matter.
2. Can you name someone else who is doing something in the name of peace in the world this year who deserves a Nobel?
Everyone's so distracted with economics and ecology, I cannot think of any prominent Doves. All the international leaders out there are cleaning up messes at home, or making messes in other people's sandboxes, so they're out. As far as private citizens, any I can think of are also busy at home.
Now, I've noticed that science prizes are often awarded for past ideas that prove to be monumental later. Does the peace prize work the same way? If so, who can we think of that hasn't already won?
I suppose the Nobel committee could've given it a miss this year, but what's a privately-funded Norwegian benevolent committee gonna do with a bunch of medals and $1.4 million dollar checks laying around? Might as well put 'em to use for charity...

Cliff said...

no gette, the president didn't ask for this and can't be blamed that he was nominated after just two weeks in office when he was still trying to find someone who had paid their taxes to join his cabinet. Instead, He was indeed nominated for not being George W Bush or a Republican which will get you this prize most of the time.
This post was intended to be funny but I forgot that it's not politically correct in this country to criticize a Democratic President.
CNN never 'fact checked' anything that Letterman, Leno, SNL, Jon Stewart, NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, or ad infinity had to say about Bush but one skit on SNL, critical of Obama, brought about that very action. Clearly a double standard. I think I'll wait to see something accomplished before I award any of my prizes.

Jim said...

Oh shucks, Cliff, I was expecting my surprise prize. '-)
I will say the attitude in the U.S. has changed full circle in the one year. This spring they all loved us Americans. Before they almost hated us.
That feeling toward the U.S. should go a long way toward world relations.

Gette said...


The Kanye West bit IS funny. People just missed it in the heat of the scatterbuzz.
Maybe it's not such a "bad" thing that Obama got the Nobel, as it is a sad thing that there's nobody better to give it to.
As far as the media, the centrists get no coverage. They broadcast the extremists overreacting at each other. 'taint pretty, 'taint accurate, but it sells.

Jerry in Indiana said...

Jimmy Carter to Obama: "Now accept the award and your journey to the dark side will be complete. I am your father..."