Friday, October 16, 2009

Societal Insanity

You've all probably heard about the New York Eagle Scout who has been suspended for first 5 days and then an additional 15 days for having a 2" pocket knife locked in his survival kit which was locked in the trunk of his car which was parked on school property.
The same people who made this hard and fast rule against weapons of any kind, would be defending his rights if he had been attempting to perform late term abortions with it in the backseat of that same car. At least he would have had the ACLU to help him in court.
Every good parent knows that judgement, discretion, and common sense must govern the administration of every hard and fast rule.
Hopefully this kid will achieve his goal of attending a US Military academy. I would follow him into battle at any time and trust him with the future of this country.
As for the Superintendent and his school board...I wouldn't follow any of them to a restroom.


Shannon said...

How in the world did the people know it was in there? Didn't the fact that it was LOCKED mean anything to them? Everyone knows that country boys always have their trusty pocket knives with them, the same goes for a screwdriver and pliers.

Anonymous said...

Larry thinks:

The fact he is an Eagle Scout speaks very highly of the young man. I would guess someone is jealous of the young man and what he stands for and accomplished.
As a father of two eagle scouts, and a scout leader for 18 yers,I would support this young man all the way.

Does common sense soung like something we should be using??

EV said...

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has long been noted for similar decision. Many of these used to be reversed by the USSC. Don't expect that any longer. Just as we have been told, "There is no war on terror.", crosses need to come down from military graves and memorials and the REAL threat are those labeled domestic terrorists. Welcome to post-America logic and priorities.

Mmm- mmm- mmm

Paul Nichols said...


And exactly how will a suspension punish this Eagle Scout marauder?

And how did the school principle find such a tiny item, which was double-locked in personal property? Invasion of privacy?

Or did honesty have anything to do with this young man's plight? That's a scary concept anymore, isn't it?

Gel said...

This suspension is ludicrous. I understand if the weapon is IN the school and I know that parked on school grounds is a no-no, but locked up to that extent in his survival kit because he's a scout. Where's the reason?

(However, please don't jump to conclusion and spread bias. Your logic to state the following conclusion is blatantly illogical.

You should not LUMP PEOPLE TOGETHER who disagree with you together as being people who ALWAYS would NOT behave as you would. To say they "ALL believe or doing what YOU FEEL is wrong.

As someone who is pro-choice, there is NO connection to this school rule about weapons and abortion! I vehemently disagree with your opinion that "the same people who made this hard and fast rule against weapons of any kind, would be defending his rights if he had been attempting to perform late term abortions with it in the backseat of that same car." NOPE, not me. For starters, he's not qualified to perform abortions...and I'll stop here on that matter.

Your outspoken liberal blogfriend,

Cliff said...

Gel, do you honestly believe that there is no connection between those trying to disarm America, pro-abortion types, marxisn, liberalism, socialism, and those trying to destroy our constitution (what's left of it)?? I would strongly disagree. The disarming America is the part they'll have the most trouble with. Fortunately.
Those same folks believe that money is the answer as they pour more and more money into problems with negative results. (schools, social programs, health care)
'Money never has been the answer'.Our current march toward socialism has one fatal flaw. We are quickly running out of the almighty dollar as those who have it, lose it to the government as they re-distribute it. This has never worked in the past, and won't this time for Obama.

Cliff said...

Also, the word "bias" is usually reserved for liberals to use about those who don't agree with their point of view. So it's okay to use gel.

Gette said...

Check out this site for a breath of fresh air:

(She mentioned the Eagle scout thing earlier this week)

Cliff said...

Point being the young man wasn't a bad actor and was a model for most of the boys in the school. Unlike the others he had at least accomlished something to this point.
Most school boards will do as the Superintendant wishes.

Marc said...

I was an Eagle Scout many years ago.

Before that even, My Dad taught me about The safe handling of Knifes, Pistoles, And .22 single action assault rifles.

Thank God for that, and I did survive Viet Nam.

Lots of blackbirds and squirrels didn't in my Eagle Scout days. Since grade school I have always carried a pocket knife. It is a tool. Not my first go to for a weapon. Don't ask.

Gel said...

Well, regardless of how you state it, you don't know my beliefs (nor that of millions of others) which is clear here by the way you lump all of "us" together. You have erroneously lumped me into groups of people based on illogical logic and that is ill-informed. Your choice/opinion and mine to state our opinions.
It's your blog so I said enough.

Gel said...

Oh and ftr (for the record), I am one liberal who does not believe "money is the answer."

Jamie Dawn said...

Well said, Cliff. I agree.