Thursday, January 05, 2006


It's always been a pet peeve of me and da boys to see someone walk a half a block from their car, turn ceremoniously, point theirs hand at their car and lock the doors. This honks the horn and flashes the lights.
Now, when I have to wait in the car for my wife (I'm not allowed to enter a store with womens clothing in it, says I whine too much, JUST BUY IT OKAY) and I hear a horn beep, I honk back and flash my lights.
It's my way of saying "Buddy, if that was my car, I'd lock the doors with the switch on the door". Keep your beep to yourself.
I'm just saying.


Jim said...

Good morning, Cliff

My car does that and I don't know how to silence it. I've had it for three plus years and 91K miles now.

Besides I like it. I know for sure that it is locked. If there is any doubt I do it again as I walk away.

A solution for you. Go to a toy or electronics or tractor supply store while you're waiting.

Rachel said...

I know what you mean Cliff.

The car I had before this one had the keyless entry and I loved it to unlock the car when coming back to it, but I seldom used it to lock the doors. Like you said, just use the button on the door and keep your beep to yourself. It's not so bad in parking lots but when you do it at home and you have close neighbors it can be annoying.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

maybe if you take your JOhn Deere to town you wont need to worry bout it..

im just sayin;)

Paul said...

Hey, you think you got it bad when just one beep goes off? Nah!

It's those blasted "Bee-yoop. Bee-yoop. Bee-yoop. Wheep-wheep-wheep. Bee-yoop..." alarms that get to me.

I'm afraid that one of these days, I'm going to get arrested for discharging my .16 gauge shotgun inside the city limits. Know what I mean?

Dan said...

What I want to know is, why does Ford still put the keyless entry buttons on the outside of the driver's door? Who locks their car with their keys in it? Everybody uses remotes, and if you don't have a remote, it is faster to unlock it with the key than to stand there and put in your code. And talk about cheesy looking, they might have been cool back in the early nineties, but do I have to grow a mullet just to unlock my Ford. No wonder Toyota is winning.

poopie said...

Oh my pretentious some people's kids are ;) Not to worry about Poopie. I don't have one of those thingies.

Okay I failed the word verification. Let's try again!

Anonymous said...

Who put the Grump in your Cheerios this morning? This isn't the usual jolly Cliff.

Jamie Dawn said...

Our car doesn't make any cool noises, and the lights barely flash at all, so I don't get to annoy people like you when I lock my car.
Hello, everyone!! Look at Me!!!
I'm locking my car now!!!!!

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

I wish I had not read this. I have one of those but like Jamie's the light barely flash unless you click it twice then the horn honks - once. But I know all day tomorrow I will walk away from the car, turn and point, click the button and say to myself, "Geez, I wish Cliff was here to see that."

terah said...

One time I locked my keys in my car. Since then I ONLY lock the car with the remote. That way, I know that I have the keys! Luckily, my car only does the light flashing. There is usually no annoying honking except for when I accidently hit the alarm button on the remote - which is very embarrassing!

Peter said...

You would love my Subaru Cliff, the remote locks and unlocks the doors in perfect silence and without so much as a blink of lights.

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