Sunday, January 15, 2006

You Never Know

It was 1991, the kids were in the backseat. Marilyn and I had just attended our 20th year college reunion. I had agreed to take US 30 home from Kearney Nebraska. The purpose was to look for a rebuilder car for our son, Dan. He was fourteen. We wanted something we could work on together. We went about twenty miles toward home and spotted her. Sitting in a vacant lot in Gibbon, NE. A 1957 Ford Fairlane. She would run, but barely. She was black, just what we wanted. Back then, they searched for the straightest cars from the assembly line, to paint black. The black paint would show any bad body lines, and so the black cars were the best of the best. This one had rust but was still straight.
When Dan started to work on that car, he barely knew anything about using wrenches. He just had a desire to have a nice, old, car. Let's call it driven to have a nice old car.
We couldn't do the body work but we did the rest. Turned out better than we had hoped and the fresh rebuild on the motor, was perfection. Well, that project, shown here on the left, lead to quite an interest in auto body work, which lead to auto collision repair school, which lead to this Ford Probe.
As he finished college, he rebuilt this car from a total wreck and went on to win several "Best Paint in Show" trophies and it was featured in the PPG Magazine.
All of this lead to marriage, (he married very well) starting his business, buying the building, and hiring his brother.
See Morrow Collision Center here.
He loves to make customers happy.
He loves his family.
He loves building this business from scratch and making it grow. He's good at it. He's more driven to succeed now than he ever has been.
My point here is, even when your brain says why bother, it's just a passing fancy from a child, or this might get into too much money, or man, what a pain, you never know where broadening a childs horizons may lead. Go for it. See where it leads.
One more thing! When you get old, it might just get you some top grade body work at cost.


Peter said...

Short of having the boys on hand to take over the farm Cliff, this seems a good solution.

Dan said...

Thanks Dad, but I should have know you were after more cheap body work! What did you wreck this time?

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

[Stands up] Applause, applause, applause.

Anonymous said...

Cliff: I am astonished to believe that one of your boys would even think that you might have crunched something. Blue

Jamie Dawn said...

Your story is living proof that encouraging your kids and giving them the freedom to explore their interests leads to them finding work in a field that they enjoy.
We are doing that for our kids right now, and this post confirms that we are on track.
You are a great dad!

terah said...

My first thought after reading this post was: "Did Cliff have a wreck?" :-)

Cliff Morrow said...

It was a uh,,er, well, a DEER, yeah, I hit a Deer. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Just Help Me said...

the cars are beautiful. you should be really proud of your son, plus you get free body work!!! lol

Jerry said...

Are you sure you weren't trying to run over a deer, and scraped up the car in the process (and missed hitting the deer)?

Great looking autos! It's good to have a career where you enjoy what you do.

Rachel said...

I love the old cars! It's amazing to me how they can make them over like that. You have a great family and you are a great Dad!

You hit a deer?? Okay, I know it happens. My nephew hit one in TN last week. Killed the deer and did $3200 damage to his truck.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

how should be very proud..

and if dan wasnt married, and i wasnt married..I would come beating down your door looking for him..

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Excellent post Cliff. Ever since I bought my van I have always thought if anything happened to it I would take it to Lincoln to be fixed. Not cause I want a deal but because I want it done right.

Paul said...

"Train up a child in the way he should go..."

I've heard that if you can find something that you love to do, then you'll never have to go to work.

It looks like you done good again, Cliff. Great photo, too.

Jim said...

You never know where things will lead when we deal with kids. This has excellent outcome.
I'm glad you took the blame for hitting the deer. So many people fault the poor deer, "it ran into me." The point of damage will tell who hit whom.
That's a nice '57.