Thursday, January 05, 2006

Why Don't You Try....

Stopping at a Chili's Restaurant and ordering the Crispy Chicken Salad. It has a gingered dressing of some kind, and it is really, really, good. It is a bit large. Now when I say it's large, remember who is telling you this.
Right here Benny Hill, in his white cowboy outfit, and speaking in his biggest Texas voice would say, "She's big, I mean she's really big. We used to like to make her laugh, cuz when she laughed sooo much of her had a good time".
Stay with me here folks.


Peter said...

What a wonderful comedian Benny Hill was, I can just picture him now doing one of those chase through the park skits.

Jim said...

I know it was big. Most everything at Chili's is big, bigger than one person should eat.
Our former neighbor watched Benny a lot but I have never seen one.
I never watched a live Seinfeld show. Now I watch at least two reruns a night (unless they get to rauchy and I quit on them).

Jamie Dawn said...

When you eat that salad, you must save room for their Molten Lava chocolate dessert. Talk about heaven!

Benny Hinn was funny. He sure liked the ladies!

Rachel said...

I have never eaten at a Chili's. Of course we don't have one here in our smaller town, but I have heard they are good.

I never watched Benny Hill but my husband always talked about how funny he was!

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...
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Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

I wasn't sure who Benny Hill was until I read your comments. I've had that salad. It is good. It's like trying to eat a two acre garden with a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Sorry about the deleted comment. In your Is It Me post Mike talked about mispelled words - I just leave them out. That's what happened above.

Jamie Dawn said...

I just realized that I wrote Benny HINN instead of Hill. Good grief!!! Benny Hinn is a televangelist - one with a lot of flair and bullet-proof hair. He's almost as funny as Benny Hill, although he doesn't mean to be.