Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Green Beans
The tomatoes are almost ready and I'm looking for a 'Smoked Bacon Bedding Plant'.
That's what we're eating from the garden. You?


Rachel said...

Oh my goodness Cliff. You are eating mighty fine these days!! The only garden I have is onions!! I go to the Farmer's Market for the rest.

ENJOY those goodies. Nothing like fresh food from the garden!!

Peter said...

Those smoked bacon bedding plants are getting hard to find now-a-days Cliff, good luck.

Jim said...

We are The Little Red Hen's friends. Had some of her watermelon last night. Tomatoes Sunday before her ice cream.

Felecia said...

Man; all I have is an herb garden! But I guess we all have to start somewhere, eh?

Kendra Lynn said...

Mmm..nothin' like fresh sweet corn and cucumbers from the garden. Wish I had one!!!


Cheyenne said...

Too many groundhogs around here to enjoy having a garden. We would have to be like Ft Knox to keep them out. If you have any leftovers would you mind sending them my way? I'll be waiting.

Miki said...

Sorry, Cliff, not this year, but maybe next year....we are renovation the kitchen, and with everything else going on, no time to plant! UGH! Usually we do zucchini, tomatoes and lots of herbs. The herb bed is full and being chocked with weeds, I wish I had the time, and the energy! HOpe all is delicious and enjoy with all of your heart!

Raggedy said...

That sounds soooooo good! The last great garden I had was when I lived on the farm. I miss it.

Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) meow hugs
(")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one

Rhodent said...

I am ssooooooo jealous!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i dont have a garden, so i guess i aint eatin;)

Christa said...

A big horray for gardens. This year is my first with my very own yard, and while it's a bit late to plant anything this year, I'm getting a few raised beds prepared for next. I'm thinking corn, squash, perhaps some onions and garlic and potatos, and. . . I'm not sure what else. I feel like I should grow some tomatos as it is more or less the veggie garden staple, but I don't love or even like the things, so I'm trying to decide. Gardening peer pressure may just push me to plant some seeds and see if the garden gods smile upon them.

Sounds like you have a great garden, wish I could have some fresh veggies! :)

Jamie Dawn said...

Yummy!! I want some sweet corn on the cob!!!
I've been eating tomato sandwiches a lot.
No garden here. :(
Enjoy those veggies. All those vitamins are good for you.

Triplet Dads said...

Cliff - I really believe sweet corn is a lot like grapes in that their flavor is derived from the soil. There is nothing close to your sweet corn out here. Something about that Missouri valley soil that adds a certain taste...

Paul said...

The best My First Wife and I can do this year is "grape tomatoes." While they're quite delicious, you can't slice 'em onto a big juicy grilled hunka meat.

And don't forget to count the rows on your ears of corn.

Bon Appetite!!! Enjoy.

Jerry said...

My parents' friends in Illinois sent me home with a sack full of yellow transparent apples each the size of a baseball.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I ate one tomato,
crooked neck squash,
banana peppers,
green peppers,
fried green tomatoes.

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Yum to them all except I'm not sure if I ever ate "Kohlrabbi". (No jokes about my ethnicity; I'm serious and will need to google an image.)

We have no vegetable garden. Your post brought back fond memories of the one my father tended here in the suburbs.

I remember radishes, cucumbers,squash, tomatoes strawberries (when we got there before the squirrels and birds), carrots...and I was aghast at how dirty the veggies were when brought inside to prepare. (Ugh!) Such a non-farm kid I was. I knew the veggies grew in the ground (duh), but never realized the stores shook off(hosed off?) a lot of the dirt, even though we always washed over veggies.

Bev said...

Afraid the grasshoppers here in the desert of Southwest NE are enjoying my garden. We have been able to share some squash and green beans.