Saturday, July 15, 2006

The new retaining wall and patio Marilyn and I built recently. It's just outside the back door and to the right.
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Jim said...

Wonderful pictures, Cliff.
An very nice tour of your place too. The corn is looking very good from the distance.
We will see corn again (Texas corn has long since been harvested) in a week.
We will be seeing Dad in eastern Iowa, Sister Lois, and maybe Granddaughter who is doing an apprenticeship at Caterpillar in Peoria this summer.
Hope we make it to see Nebraska cousins and get a Runza. Maybe the Runza will be at Lawrence, KS, on the way home. Sometimes Lois has them frozen for us.

Nora said...

Thanks for the tour--beautiful!

Rachel said...

Great pictures Cliff. Glad you explained what a bern is. I was straining my eyes trying to see it thinking you had mispelled barn!!! But I still don't see any piles of dirt. I see flower beds.

Didn't realize you were so close to Iowa!

The corn looks so pretty! Nice flowers! Thanks for the tour.

Triplet Dads said...

that's nice work you two. You might want to enclose it with a screened-in patio and then put a deck off the back...

Cliff Morrow said...

Marty, no doubt can remain that you're related to my oldest Bro. He said the same thing.

Mike ( ex scientia) said...

I just love seeing all these pictures Cliff - Thanx!!!

Jamie Dawn said...

Your back yard looks especially relaxing and inviting.
What a great place to have a barbecue and sit around and drink a cool glass of sweet tea or tangy lemonade.
You have a lovely place.
If the sun comes up from a different direction one day, I think I will blog about that too!!

Enjoy your weekend.

Paul said...

Nice joint, Cliff. Evidence of hard work and of a life well-loved and well-lived. Thanks for sharing.