Saturday, July 15, 2006

Several Views From Our Porches!

This view is looking straight ahead out of our front door. That's where the sun comes up every morning. Or at least for the 56 years I've lived here it has. If that fails to happen one day, and it comes up out our backdoor, I will blog about it.
The picture makes it look like our yard is burning up. It is.
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Bossy♥'s YOU said...

if the sun rises at your back door it means a twister came in teh night and now your house is sitting backwards.

poopie said...

Your view looks an awful lot like mine Cliff!

Dan said...

These pictures make me think of a lot of memories.
I use to sprint back and fourth to that shed because I was too impatient to run.
We used to ride the 4 wheeler to the trees.
We used to ride the go-cart around on the gravel and in the shed.
Dad and I hung a pickup frame from the loader bucket of that john deere to sand blast it.
As a youngster, I would empty a bit of gas out of that barrel and light it on fire.
I used to mow all that grass and around all the big cottonwoods that were there.
Dad and I restored my first car in that shed.- still have it.
Raised thousands of chickens in there to.
I have jumped off of that porch more than I have actually used the steps.
I played a lot of catch in that yard with both dad and mom.
I've walked beans in those fields.
I've seen dad fire a shotgun in the air from the porch to scare off my sister's highschool boyfriend.
Dad and I shot a weasel behind that shed.
There is a test panel for my first custom paint job in that grain bin.
Tom and I fixed and painted that pickup.
The dirt pile is new, but Colton and I shot arrows into a pumpkin there on halloween.
I've spun the tires on my first school car on those rocks many times.
That shed is the only structure on the property that I haven't climbed, it's too slippery.

John Goerzen said...

Great photos, Cliff. And memories, Dan -- I liked your comment about sprinting. It reminded me of what somebody said to me recently after telling a story -- "Sorry it took so long to tell you that, but I didn't have time to give you the short version."

It's nice to have a few brief memories of our own from being at that farm.

Britmum said...

A truly amazing view and one that you could never get tired of looking at.

Take care xx

Raggedy said...

Thank you for the home tour!
Beautiful pictures!
The farm is awesome!
The corn is looking good.
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) meow hugs
(")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one

Peter said...

Lookin' good Cliff.

Triplet Dads said...

dan - I'm going to add to your list...

before les and jean married, jean use to walk us kids down that lane to the river.
Before I got married, I took a stroll with my fiance down that lane.
I use to watch uncle elmer put on his bee hat and gather honey just south of there.
art, kelly and I use to climb all over those tractors (the old oliver before the JD's).
The shed wasn't there. Corn cribs I think.
C&M lived in Julie's house. There was another house just east of Julie's house.
Grandpa could drop his flat bottomed boat in the river at the end of the lane. We water skied right there about 1/2 mile from the house.

TamWill said...

What a fine and dandy spread you have!

I could wake up every morning and look at the land and look up and thank the Lord!

Enjoyed the view :O)

Rhodent said...

Hope you get some nice rain soon... try to keep cool... pictures are great!