Thursday, December 28, 2006

Are You Going South For The Winter?

All of my life I've heard that question asked of retired people, or of those who aren't old enough to retire but have the resources (money)to put things on hold and be gone for two or three months. I am being asked more and more, "Going south this winter, Cliff?"
I don't fit either profile so I'm hoping they think I have the cash to do that. I don't. I know the real reason they ask me is that I look old enough to retire. I'm not.
Today at our county board meeting I was asked again. I said, "I'm as far south as I'm going to get." "This is better than Minnestoa or Canada, if I lived there, I'd like to come to Nebraska to spend the winter." It's all pretty relative isn't it. I'm a Nebraska snowbird. I came to Nebraska to sit in the snow.
Wait, I might travel the 50 miles south to Omaha this winter to see my brother. I'll take my clubs.


Britmum said...

Hey Cliff can I come North for the winter? I wanna see some snow.............!!!!

BTW did you get the CC?

I didn't get my CC from you. You know Christmas Eve is way too late.

Take care xx

Britmum said...

P.S. Cliff, Bossey is sick. You should go and read her My Space.

Cliff Morrow said...

britmum: it's in the mail. I think you might get it today or tomorrow. Just a week late isn't bad for me.

Cliff Morrow said...

britmum: it's in the mail. I think you might get it today or tomorrow. Just a week late isn't bad for me.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, I know some folks that head out to FL for the winter. I don't know why. Our winters are very mild anymore. After all, we have flower bulbs coming up now! I'm afraid they may get bitten though, as usually our coldest stuff is in Jan., Feb., and March.

I think Ralph is getting our share of the snow and yours too!! Poor guy!!

You don't look old enough to retire! Get those folks that ask you that some glasses! Geesh!!

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Here in Colorado going south only makes it worse. Seems like the farther south in the state you go the more snow they have.

I'll meet you Omaha and we can golf together. I just have a few things to do first shovel the sidewalk, shovel the driveway, shovel the cul-de-sac, shovel down the street. I should be there by mid August.

1 plus twins said...

hey when you are of age you need to be a snowbird out west here with me. the boys would love to meet the farmer. you and ralph could both come!! think about it, i know you both have years before that time but give it some thought. lol

Anonymous said...

It's almost like fall never ended here in Indiana.
We're getting the El Nino effect of the jetstream over the gulf. and it's been 40s, 50s & sometimes 60s on the thermometer going the last two weeks.
If them global warming birds is right, you won't have to go south, the south's coming to you!

Jerry said...

60 degrees today in Indiana at the end of December. Went to the car wash today. If this is global warming, sign me up.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the golf, Cliff! Particularly the 19th hole! ;)

Have a very safe and happy new year. I hope you have a great 2007! :)


Rhea said...

That's annoying, people assuming you're retired. The way things are going in the economy and with Social Security, no one will be retiring.

Jamie Dawn said...

You might want to be downright rude to those who are making you feel older than you are. I mean HOW RUDE!
You don\'t look old, so I\'m sure they think you and Marilyn are rolling in the dough and just looking for ways to spend your extra cash.
Next time someone asks if you\'re heading south for the winter, ask them when their plastic surgery date is scheduled. When they say they never planned on having plastic surgery, you say, \"Well, I just assumed.\"

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