Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A View From The Freightliner

This picture was taken about 5 weeks ago during harvest. It is the 'two mile road' aka County Road E. I've taken it 9 miles to and from town for 56 years now. Sometimes daily, sometimes many times per day. I'm heading east here with a fairly strong south wind it would appear. It looks like another truck a half mile ahead stirring up dust. Marilyn's kennel operation is ahead and on the left. Our home is 3/4 mile south of there down a private drive that looks similar to this road.
Mostly I wanted to show you what I must battle during rush hour. I hate it when someone else uses the same road that I do.
Conference time for county officials, see you late in the week. Stay safe!! I took a count just before I left and hope you're all here when I return.


Kendra Lynn said...

That looks very similar to our family farm road. :)
They decided to pave the main road a few years ago...it took away some of the ambiance. But if i want to make sure I am still in the country, I just go out Aunt Viv's door and take a deep breath.
As my dad says, there is nothing like "fresh" country air.
(I'm sure you know what I'm talkin' about.)
Scott will never get used to it...he's from New Jersey and only knows about polluted air. LOL


Gette said...

9 miles on gravel, 56 years, just how pockmarked is the front of your truck, anyway? ;)

Cliff Morrow said...

Gette: it's not as bad as my face.

Anonymous said...

Isn't dust the most wondrous thing? No matter how hard you try, it still reappears! You should install a couple of car washers at each end of that road...you'd make a fortune! ;)

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

Whoa, great place for a jog .... good distance, too! Didn't you once tell us about some newcomer from New Jersey(?) who complained about the dusty road soon after he relocated? .... much like the folks who complain about the aircraft noise after they move next to an airport. Ha!! ;0)

Here's wishing all the Morrows a Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

We'll be here waitin' for another inspirational post Cliff, man that traffic's a killer isn't it.

Britmum said...

Are you sure that isn't a Dust Devil Cliff?

Don't be lording it up on expenses at that conference now. You know you can run up a lenthy tab?

Take care xx

Idgie @ the "Dew" said...

Rush hour?!?!?!

Cliff, I don't like you much right now.


Try Atlanta at 4:30 in the afternoon - gah! You'd think we were evacuating the city!

John Goerzen said...

Man, what a rush hour! I think you need to move farther away from downtown to escape the traffic.

We don't get traffic like that around here unless there's a fire. Or it's harvest.

Although if everyone is going the same direction you are, it can't be too bad, eh?

Jerry said...

It is annoying to have to yield the middle of the gravel road to oncoming vehicles, isn't it? I like your road better than ours. Less traffic, wider, and in good condition. Burt County rocks!

Rachel said...

With all that dust I wouldn't be following too close either! Traffic??? Only one vehicle Cliff. That's not traffic!!

Enjoy the meetings and let your opinions be known!!

1 plus twins said...

man that rush hour traffic must me horrific!! should i take a picture of our roads and what they look like during rush hour?? lol did you get any snow yet. my parents in ohio had 2 inches this morning! hope your staying warm!

Angie said...

You can't even find such a peaceful road here in Florida. All the snowbirds have arrived, so to find a road that isn't bumper to bumper is a huge blessing!

have a great day!


Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Man, that is brutal!
This morning I spent one hour and fifty-two minutes getting across Denver for a 8:30 breakfast. Traffic speeds went from 50 to 10 to stop (for 40 minutes) to 5 to 15 to 65. Know what the problem was? Yeah, me either.

Jim said...

All our local roads around here are blacktopped so we don't have dust.
I thought maybe Jerry would tell you how he treated the road by his place so it doesn't make dust. Search his site, he has a recipe to make a road spray.
I don't watch The View [because of Rosie O'Donnell] or The Ellen Degenerate show.

Jerry said...

It cost me $150 to put down calcium chloride just in front of my house (about 50 yards long). I think Cliff would go broke if he put down 9 miles worth of chemicals. That and it only lasts for about 5 months anyway. I only treat my piece of road because my house sits so close to the road. I wish it was built way back a lane like the Morrow's home.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

u really live on little house and the praiere dont u cliff?

Mountain Mama said...

I grew up on the road where I now live. Back then it was a gravel road eith a strip of grass growing up the center and just one small lane. Sometimes the blackberry brambles grew out into the road and dad woulf have to cut them back so our car could get through. It is a dead end street and we were the only house at the very end. I sure wish it was like that now.

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