Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I have sat down at my computer, 3 times in the last 2 days. Each was a time I thought I had the time to visit your blogs. I did. I was not successful at leaving comments. So I will now give you all a comment. "Stinkin Blogger."
I have no reason to think that this blog will work but here goes anyway.

Can anyone guess one of our vacation stops
from last summers trip?
That's right!! Smart people out there.
It was the original home and winter quarters
of the Ringling Bros circus.

Finally, a picture where I look normal.
Camera's always seem to add about
100 pounds to me.
At least I've always felt that way.

They were looking for a replacement
for the Human Canonball.
They said however, that they weren't
exactly looking for a man of my caliber.
This was a neat place. I will post some
more pics from there with better subject


Mike said...

I've been experiencing many problems commenting on blogger, too. That's one of the reasons I switched to Wordpress. Grrr.

That vacation looks like a blast. When I lived in Wisconsin, I loved the Dells, the State Fair, lakes, hunting, fishing and many good friends. It looks like you had a great time, too!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I have been having issues too, but only with the beta bloggers..i cant commet on them anymore...damn them.

boy u look way to skinny there cliff, i dont like it, not at all..

Rachel said...

I just tried to comment on Cheyenne's blog. After 3 times of doing the word verification and putting in my name and password and still no go, I gave up. She just switched over to Beta.

Great pictures Cliff! Looks like your cap has Garst on it. I looked it up and it's a seed company. Is that right??? I like the way you are looking over your glasses in the cannon picture! That skinny picture makes you very tall and skinny with no arms!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of us got Christmas presents from Blogger Cliff, a big box of commenting problems.
I put five messages up yesterday on a site which I'd thought wasn't receiving them, couldn't delete them either!!

Cliff Morrow said...

Yes Peter and Rachel: Blogger is doing it to me again and again. Yes, the cap is from a seed corn company. One of the remaining big players in the game. The companies have been buying smaller companies left and right until there are just a few remaining. The big boys are hot on the trail of traits bred into the plant. We used to use insecticides but don't need them now. The trade off is that the seed is waaaay too expensive.

gel said...

Enjoyed these photos :)
I've also had no success in posting comments on beta blogs and read of others' having same trouble.
Come drop by. My site is on typepad.

Miki said...

Here goes! trying to comment on your blog. Had many problems yesterday and the day before trying to comment on a blog that I read regularly. I had just commented on another bolg and it was posted, but lo and behold, couldn't on another! What ever! Circus World?????There was an amusement park in FLA that was called Circus world. They had this old wooden roller coaster, Coney Island style, I went in 1986, I think it closed soon afterward. We were there in January, a bug tourist time and we had no waits for any rides or anything! They even had a one ring circus there.

Jerry said...

You secretly always wanted to run away with the circus like Toby Tyler, didn't you?

Anonymous said...

Lots of folk are complaining about trying to post comments...touch wood, so far I've not encountered any such problems...I've probably blown it, by saying that!

Jim said...

I can't make comments on the Beta Blogger blogs either.
I think they are making it so we have to switch over.
I'm thinking of abandoning Blogger except it is so easy. Since Google bought it I think it takes a back seat to the new Blogger in fixes and maintenance.

I like your hat. Do you have some Pioneer hats also? For those who werent' aware, my Dad spent his last working years as a Pioneer salesman. At first he was with Garst and Thomas but Pioneer bought them out.

Finally, my guess is Vienna, VA. If that isn't correct it is at their school and winter headquarters just outside Orlando.

Miki said...

Hey, Cliff, I am commenting, again. I try to comment on all of my friends' blogs, sorry if you missed me! I love to hear comments from you too!

Anonymous said...

You need to come and visit Peru, Indiana. It's an easy drive from Jerry's.
The International Circus Hall of Fame is located there.
Peru is also known as the Amateur Circus Capital of the World. Annually in the 3rd weekend of July the Amateur Circus holds performances for the whole week ending with a Circus City Festival and Parade. All of the performers are amateurs ranging in age from 7 years old to 18 years old. Peru, Indiana was the winter headquarters for several famous circus', including Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey, Wallace and others. Peru shared the notority of winter headquarts for some of these circus' with Baraboo, Wisconsin. Performers from the Peru Amateur Circus re-enacted and completed the famous 7 person pyramid on the high wire in Detroit and in Italy.

gel said...

Hi Cliff,
I reread your post and now see you want us to guess, but this is not a guess. I know people who live there: Sarasota, Florida

gel said...

So are you going to fedex me a chocolate cake (yum!) I refuse to hang from a trapeeze (for you)?