Monday, May 14, 2007

And Then There Were Three (acres left to plant)

An update on the bridge. It hasn't fallen to the bottom of creek. Yet. The south east corner has dropped about 5 feet. I don't think I'll be walking out there to take anymore pics. They have excavated both sides to expose the piling. The pilings down to bedrock which in these here parts is about 100'. But the piling on one side sort of gave up and let the bridge collapse on one corner and sway to the side in that direction.
I fear the cost of this repair.
I got up this morning bent on getting done with corn planting. Heavy rain was forecast for tonight. I had only about 100 acres to do. The last 40 was just down the road from a large machine shed I own where the first 60 was that I planted. It usually takes about 2 minutes to 'road' the equipment down there from my building. The bridge was out so I had 6 miles of travel to get there. Saw some unfamiliar farmers. They all sort of looked at me cross eyed and then the light would come on over there head and you could almost read their thoughts..."Oh yeah, the bridge is out, that's what he's doing over here."
Everything went smoothly until late in the afternoon. A small rainstorm built quickly in the west and moved across southern Burt County drenching me, my planter, and the field with rain and small hail. And of course I only had about 3 acres left to plant. Here is where I must invoke another farmer saying. "If it was easy, everyone would be farming."
Well it's been raining off and on this evening. Enough to be able to say I won't miss any farming whilst attending my meeting in the morning. I hope there will be some sort of moderation in the amount of rain we receive this time.


Gette said...

Oh, dry up!

(No, really...)

Thinkin' sunshine at ya.

Peter said...

Hope you're right about moderation Cliff.

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

I imagine you are quite relieved you only have three acres left - at least, you know I won't be out to "help".

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

Hey, I hope it dries out for you, Cliff! .... then you can go crusin' the hood again in your farm equipment (diamond in the back, sunroof top, diggin' the scene with a gangsta lean). .... it's a visual thing.

Cliff Morrow said...

I have a gangsta lean but it's from getting old Mike.

Jamie Dawn said...

Look on the bright side.
At least your house wasn't struck by a meteorite.
Also, you did not suffer a plague of locusts.

Seriously, I hope the rain subsides so you can finish planting. I also hope the cost of fixing that bridge doesn't cause a tax hike.

Jerry said...

It's been a tough planting season, huh? We are getting some of your rain tonight. Believe it or not, central Indiana has only had 1/3 of an inch in May. That can only mean one thing: It's gonna rain on the Indy 500 this year.

Hang in there. Only 3 little acres to go!

Lee said...

Only 100 acres!!!!!!!!! That would take me a year to plant, if not more!

Send some of that rain down our way,'s needed badly here.

Paul said...

You sound frustrated...and I can't blame you. I love water and rain and May showers, but there does come a time, eh.

Still praying for you. I hope your effort produces one of your richest harvests.

Rachel said...

3 acres, so you are almost done! Hope it dries out for you and you get it all finished and kick back a bit Cliff!!