Monday, May 21, 2007

We Also Ran

I got done planting corn twice last week. It could happen again. As another 30 feet of dry ground appears around the water holes, I'll make the circuit and plant 8 more rows here and there. I have one field of beans to plant but that will have to wait for more dry weather. We do have time yet for the timely planting of soybeans.

So our local Country Club was holding a 3 man scramble golf tournament and me with my planter at a stand still, decided to call the boys to assist at donating to the cause. These little tournaments are obviously and idea of some flaming liberal. It is a means by which they take money from the average or in our case, less than average golfer, and redistribute the wealth to others. They would be unable to hold events like this with out us. Without our money, they would have nothing to pay the winners. Our golf professional didn't need to smirk when he saw our card and say "Well men, thanks for supporting our tournament. However, a good time was had by all. This picture is of Dan and Tom with ol' Dad. The pic is a bit deceiving as Tom is actually a bit taller than I and Dan isn't that much shorter than I. Also the lens mad me look overweight.
They came up with their 'girls.' Between them it's the two wives and Dan's two daughters. My Grandson was baptized on Sunday and they wanted to be here for that. The bottom photo is of my Daughter playing the organ during the church service with one of Dans girls inspecting her footwork on the organ pedals.
We had a good long visit. I love it when they can come and kick back for a while.


nora said...

Congratulations on (maybe) finishing the corn planting.
I'm glad you got some (liberal) golf and (well deserved) family time in.

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

I dunno, you three look like a group to stand aside from - did they REALLY take your money? I know I'm sitting up straighter now.

And ^5 on the baptism - that's wonderful!

Lee said...

I bet you're feeling very relieved after the corn planting was completed, Cliff. Sounds like you had a nice weekend end to finish it all off. :)

gel said...

Glad you enjoyed golfing.
(Some liberals like chocolate cake... ;)....
Aww...sweet photo of the baptism
weekend sounded family centered and enjoyable :)

nora said...

I also like how you guys stood strategically by the Morrow Collision Center sign on Dan's car.
Good marketing!
Now Dan needs to buy a round of golf.

Peter said...

Last time I played golf my opponent had a stroke... boy didn't he complain when I counted it on his score.

LZ Blogger said...

Cliff -
There are so many things I want to comment on here, that I don't know where to begin.
1st. ~You and the boys aren't dressed right to play at PAR!
2nd. ~Was that a WIDE angle lens?
3rd. ~I have never thought about having to play the organ sans shoes?
4th. ~Congratulations on your grandson's baptism.
5th. ~Aren’t granddaughters the BEST? ~ jb///
P.S. - I am sure you number must be unlisted? (That's the only explanation I can come up with!)

Rhodent said...

Let me know when you find a lens that takes the pounds OFF!!!

Rachel said...

Okay, you have been busy, so I guess you won't have to sit in the naughty chair that I just put you in,in my post.

Great picture of you and your sons. Glad you all got to have a nice visit. Hoorah for your grandson getting baptized!!

Too bad we can't hear the organ music that Juli is playing.

1 plus twins said...

so glad you got some planting in. what kind of beans do you plant?? i have the same problem with my camera, i seem to look way fatter than i am. lol

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

So I'm here dealing with all this "stuff" and you're out playing golf. Yet, Char can't understand why I am always talking about moving out there. I think she has "issues".

Flip Flop Goddess said...

bout time u were able to do some planting..

I dont golf so these golf tournaments is kinda u u speaking greek to me.

Love the pic on the bottom darn cute.

Jamie Dawn said...

There's nothing better than spending time with family. I feel badly for families that don't have close, loving relationships. I feel happy for those who have that great foundation and who realize what a special gift that is.

My lens tends to make me look fatter too. It's a conspiracy! Now that I have a couple of educational degrees, maybe I can figure out why the lens makes some of us look fatter, some of us look shorter, some of us look older, etc.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!! :-)