Tuesday, June 14, 2005


1. We went to Lincoln Sunday nite to watch another softball game. We witnessed a triple play. Runners on first and second, and a sharp line drive to the second base side of the shortstop. He fielded it on the first hop, tagged the runner, stepped on second, and threw to first. Good play, by the wrong team. We lost 12-2.
2. We have a County Board meeting this morning. The tax valuation statements went in the mail on June 1st. This means we have begun receiving 'Tax Protests' and will need to begin meeting as the 'Board of Equalization', later this month, to 'hear' those protests. The equaliztion process can be tedious but we are obligated to make sure that everybody has a fair value placed on their property, to insure that our taxation will be fair.
We will meet with the cemetery boards from across the county. They are all having money problems.
3. Our forecast is for seven days of sunshine with the highest temp of 82. Perfect weather for the local main event. The NCAA College World Series held 45 miles south of here, in Omaha. Nebraska, has earned a trip down I-80, again, but this year, they will doubtless be one of the favorites to win. They have an incredible pitching staff. One of their best pitchers, never even got to see action in the Super Regionals, as they easily dispensed with Miami, taking the first two of a three game series.
4. While in bed this morning, I turned on the TV, and after viewing for a few minutes, decided that I no longer cared to see cartooned bears, in the trees, using Charmin. The end of our civiliaztion may be near.


Kim said...

You're right about that commercial, it's getting old!

Only wish the MS college team would have made it to the series! ;)

Jamie Dawn said...

That triple play must have been very COOL to see!
Too bad it was the enemy, but you can still appreciate it in all its beauty.

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Hope your day is a great one!

JUST A MOM said...

wow you did alot!!