Friday, June 10, 2005

The Forecast!

I heard a local farmer this morning, he said "I've dumped over twenty inches of rain out of my gauge since this wet spell started".
The forecast is for 1 to 6" by morning. We already have water standing down every corn row.
1 to 6 by morning. I heard that same forecast last winter.
We may be in trouble here.


bridgesitter said...

To better help my understanding Cliff, what happened last year? I'm sorry to say I'm very ignorant on farming matters.

Cliff Morrow said...

You are the victim of a poorly written blog, Bridgesitter!
I was alluding to the fact that last winter, one to six inches of snow wouldn't be a bad forcast. One to Six inches of rain, however, added to an already saturated region, could be ominous.
Lowland flooding would be likely. And by the way, some of my farmground can only be described as lowland. Thanks for reading.

taza said...

Cliff, send about 6 inches out here to Tucson. We'd appreciate it. Meanwhile, getcher waders on and sit tight! Hope it dries up for you real soon!

Triplet Dads said...

I'm not much on farm expertise either. Do farmers carry flood insurance for crop? Will you have to replant or is it too late? BTW, there are now remote control devices that coal mines are using to drive their loaders around via the internet. I saw another site that lets you aim and fire a gun at still targets via the browser. Yet another blogger lets you turn on his Christmas tree lights via his blog. Maybe you can let your blog fans drive around one of your tractors?

Jamie Dawn said...

Have your canoe ready.
Oh.... I remember our farming days well. With our orchard, the rain or freeze factor was a BIG deal. Hang in there, or should I say "float" in there.

terah said...

We have too much water also. The wheat is ready to be harvested, but it's too wet to even think about getting a tractor out & the rain keeps coming. I hope your corn does okay!

I really like Marty's idea. You should let your readers drive your farm implements! :-)

bridgesitter said...

I'm really sorry that your flooding out there. I think Marty had a great idea too, I'd like to try driving your tractor via blogzilla.

BTW your blog is very well written and enjoyed by many, us city folk just don't know what goes on, on those farms. I like hearing about your farm, maybe I could learn a few things. eh?

Cliff Morrow said...

Okay readers, I'm taking up Marty's suggestion and have decided to give yall the opportunity to drive a tractor. (uh, the old fashioned way) Pays not too good but think of the fresh air and sunshine.
Taza I have arranged a rainmaker to visit the area.
Marty, a gun aimed remotely by computer is interesting. I must admit that white tail deer came to mind as a target.
jd, terah, and bridgesitter, we aren't flooding yet, but living on a sponge full of water would be a good way to explain it. The plants will stay alive like this, but their roots need a bit of 'dry' to get them to go find water. If we can avoid an 'event', we will be fine.
I hope to put up a view from the porch, soon. It's changed a bit.

JUST A MOM said...

So Cliff,,, I am not a real book smart person. But I think I got it figured out, build a big funnel and catch the water you don't need and ship it underground like the gas lines to places that need it. Like at my house.

Cliff Morrow said...

Hi Mom, the idea may have merit but I'm afraid the water would be stolen somewhere around western Nebr. or western Kansas.
I know what will happen, in about a month, we will be crying for rain.

Rhodent said...

Hope your corn does okay... you still need to try garbage can corn, don't you? WE've been having lots of rain from Arlene and have been under flood and tornado watches. It really rained hard for a while last night... with the added wind, I was kept up for several hours. Only 60% chance of rain today, so we may get some breaks in the weather.

Time to get the plywood ready again. I think it is going to be a busy season again.

Hope you dry out soon, but not too much!

bridgesitter said...

Does that come with room and board? ;-)