Thursday, June 23, 2005

Two Views From the Front Porch- June 23rd, 05

{Click on Photos to Enlarge} Looking East from the porch. Someone needs to put a stake on that young redbud tree. Soybeans in the background. The John Deere furthest from the camera is hooked to a Field Cultivator. We use that ahead of the planter. The nearest John Deere is hooked to a row crop cultivator. Usually used to kill weeds, this one is rigged for 'ditching'. Or rather it makes a deep furrow between rows where we will run irrigation water in a couple of weeks.


Rhodent said...

How'd the corn do this year? Every time i watch the weather, I always not what is happening in NE Nebraska!

Cliff Morrow said...

Well Rhodent, the corn is still in the early stages of growth. We expect to see tassels between the 4th and 12th of July. The ears follow soon and then the rain in the period immediately following will determine our yield. Thanks for the visit.