Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I've read somewhere that stress is the body's attempt at overiding that strong inner urge to strangle someone who so richly deserves it. Or something close to that.
My current stress is from a threatening letter I got June 2nd. My Cell phone co, Cellular One, decided that they may have to suspend my service. (I'm glad to know that's what they call it. I can't get service within ten miles of home)
Well for probably four or five years now, they've been taking my bill out of my bank account via a debit card number. For some reason they stopped doing that. I called to see why they stopped taking it out of my account, thereby causing me to be deliquent. My conversation went like this.
Me- You have stopped taking my bill out of my account automatically, Why?
Cell One- Sir, has your card been cancelled, or have you changed banks.
Me- No
Cell One- Well you are now deliquent, we will need payment or we will be forced to suspend service.
Me- What service?
Cell One- Pardon me sir?
Me- Never mind, just take the payment out of my account, the same one you've been using for, oh, say, THE LAST FIVE YEARS.
Cell One- Sir the card number you gave us no longer works.
Me- Well what number are you trying to use that all of a sudden doesn't work?
Cell One-Sir we are NOT allowed to give out card numbers over the phone.
Cell One- Okay give it to me.
I gave it to her.
Cell One- That's the number I have.
Me- Okay. Well that account is still open, and has enough money to pay your bill. Why didn't you just take it out.
Cell One- Sir I'll email them (I thought I had been talking to them) and let them know of your trouble.
Me- Uh... no, it's your trouble.
Cell One- This should take care of it. Good Bye.
I got a bill yesterday for the same amount plus another month. $264 WE MISSED YOUR LAST 3 PAYMENTS.
Me-I thought this was taken care of.
Cell One- Sir, we can't take PAST DUE balances out of an auto pay account. You will have to send a check or I can take the payment over the phone.
I gave them (you guessed it) the same acct/card # that they've been using.
"Okay, that card is good, that should do it" she said.
Is there even the remotest of chances that this is over???


Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Hate to tell you this but it is probably not over. Went through the same think with Verizon. They couldn't take it over the phone but I could drive to their nearest store and pay in person. I'd cancel it but I am also having problems with the US Postal service delivering letters for 37 cents.

Justin Fentress said...

You know I have always found Cingular to be great. I have been using them for about 3 years now and not only do they have great coverage but every time I have talked to their customer service they have been awesome and very helpful.

Their prices are reasonable and I have never had a problem with them debiting my bank account. Don't know if this helps, but I wanted to throw my two cents in.

Jamie Dawn said...

Cliff, this is a test. So far, you've done well and managed to not break any laws. No, this will probably not be over, but remember that causing bodily harm is not an option. Nor is graffitti or arson. It's good to read your blog again!
Hey, I'm in L.A. and will be flying home this afternoon. Courtney and I will be going through over 300 pics we took and I will choose several to post. It will be hard to choose which ones are most worthy! Please stop by and visit later tonight or tomorrow to see pictures from our wonderful trip.

bridgesitter said...

Typical. That's all I have to say.

JUST A MOM said...

UUUMMMMM I canceled mine bacause they could not explane to me why there was a $60.00 "SURCHARGE" this after 7 years with VERIZON. I no longer have a cell phone. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

My favorite is, after deciding which number to push for which choice who knows how many times, having a recording come on and say, "Your call is important to us, please hold for the next available representative." If my call is so important ANSWER IT!!!!

Rhodent said...

Not a chance this is over yet... only the first round or so. Cheers! ;o)

Idgie @ the "Dew" said...

Oh no, there's no chance this is over. These phone companies will make you insane!

It's all over though. Remember a "friends" post where the paint wasn't right and I went back to the store and told them they didn't match it properly? They - the unnanmed store (home depot!) told me they didn't Match it, they Made It The Same Color. Therein lied the issue.

Right, I see the problem here.

Anonymous said...

Dad, Tom put his "firecracker girlfriend" on his account so she could argue for him. I suggest you do the same. She loves to argue with cell phone companies. Probably because it is easy to win an argument with a bunch of idiot punks that don't have a clue what is going on.
My biggest problem is this. I pay Alltel about $800 a month for various services. Yet, when my little $60 cell phone payment is late, and I try to make a call, I get some #%^&&* *(&%^ at @#$$% Alltel instead. And they want to know if I want to pay my bill over the phone with a credit card. That's funny, I don't remember call some moron that I don't know. Then I remember, the last time I went through this I learned that it takes over a week just for them to process their mail. I tell them it's in the mail. They say when did you mail it. This is where I am clenching my teeth so hard that I can't quite get the words out. But I am thinking, It will do no good to lay into this guy because he is only reading off the screen what he is supposed to say. The screen is there for him to read because he is probably really smart. Then I tell him that I spend $740 a month with alltel for my phone book ad and all my land line services. He says that is a different department than us. Well that right there shows me that alltel doesn't care about me. Maybe I will switch to sprint like Tom did.

Cliff Morrow said...

Have you thought of trying de-caf, Son??

Justin Fentress said...

All I got to say is...
Like father like son... he he he.

You guys are hilarious. :)

But Dan is right, just argue with them, or better yet, threaten to take away your business. There is a good chance you not only will get their attention, but might get something free out of it.

taza said...


John Goerzen said...

I do not recommend Sprint. My wife or I have been a customer of theirs continuously since 1999. I'm switching to Cingular today. You can read a bit about my experiences with them, and my experiences to date with Cingular.

Despite the other comment, Cliff, you may want to look into Alltel. In a lot of rural areas in these parts, your choices are Alltel and Cellular One. Alltel does offer service in your zip code, but I don't think that Cingular does. I don't know of anyone that really is exceptionally happy with Alltel, but every Cellular One customer I know is exceptionally unhappy with them. Most Alltel people seem indifferent about their service quality :-)

Alltel maps show that they cover almost all of KS and NE. It isn't *really* that good, but they probably do cover more rural areas than anyone else.

Watch out though, if you don't get their "national" plan, the minute you hit a big city or cross a state border, you pay roaming.

(Alltel was my second choice behind Cingular recently)

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