Friday, April 28, 2006


Monday, our country is going to be marched on and our businesses boycotted. It's intended to make us realize how much we need people in our country who have the amazing talent to be able to sneak across the border.
My hope is, that when they boycott, they don't forget to boycott the Emergency rooms they clog, instead of going to Dr's office's where they would likely need insurance.
And that they don't forget to boycott:
The Dept of Social Services, and those pesky welfare checks.
The DMV, where they pick up yet another fake I.D.
The grocery stores and the use of those American made food stamps.
They need to continue to boycott using the IRS who makes off with their money for tax purposes.
The schools where the d@*"&# Americans are indoctrinating their children and feeding them with those meals. After all, absolutely anything could be in that food.
They need to put a stop to the way their kids are being taught English.
They need to continue to boycott society. For heavens sake, don't blend in.
They want to bring this country to it's knees. I know it's worked on me.

As a lad,when I played a game with a bunch of kids, and somebody cheated and refused to play by the rules, their Dad would grab them by the arm, jerk them around, and say "HEY, either play by the rules , or we're going home!!"
We need to elect some Dads, to represent us.


Susie Hovendick Chan said...

Uh oh. In my circle, we all use the services of illegals for everything--and save bunches of money for it. They fix our cars, remodel our homes, reroof our houses, mow our lawns--and CHEAP! We live side by side with them as neighbors and friends, go to church with them, even. This one's tough.

Jim said...
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Anonymous said...

Well Dad,
Are you going to run? I'd vote for you....often.

Anonymous said...

I too remember a Dad (or Mom, Grampa, Aunt, etc.) stepping in among the crowd of kids when someone refused to play by the rules, just as in the situation you mentioned, Cliff.

I also remember, however, adults stepping in when one or more kids were bullying the rest by changing the rules (just 'cause they wanted to and were bigger than the other kids around), or by forcing (physically, etc.) some of the kids to follow the rules while they and their friends were NOT following the rules.

I guess what I'm saying is that I want to be the kind of "Dad" who looks at the whole situation, listens to the different voices, and considers whether the rules were created fairly and are being applied fairly...or whether some of the smaller kids are getting smacked around.

Cliff said...

Two things!
1. I don't care who is here in the U.S., so long as everyone is like me. The federal government know,s my name, address, my business's, SS' #'s, Fed ID #'s, drivers license #, how much Fed Income tax to withhold, how much FICA to withhold. They know everything about me, which is as it should be. If changing the rules to the same ones I have to follow is a problem, then change my rules too and I'll keep my money.
Then we can ALL play Mexico.
2: Everytime it rains, I lose connectivity on my satelite service for the internet. More rain on the way, so if I don't respond, you'll know why.

eyes_only4him said...

Kudos Cliff!!

I couldnt agree with ya more:)

Jamie Dawn said...

I am pretty fed up with congresspeople who are pussies!

I have and still do support Pres. Bush, but I think he is WAY too soft when it comes to securing our southern border and dealing with illegal aliens.
I am sick of politicians being afraid to do the right thing.
I am not at all anti-Mexican. The crews that picked our mandarins were all Mexicans whom we hired through a crew boss. Some of them could have been using fake IDs for all I know.
I object to people crossing our borders illegally by the millions and then demanding to become legal citizens and staging this ridiculous boycott to show us how much we need them. I'd rather see all the illegals go home and us deal with the fallout, then for us to give them amnesty for throwing tantrums.
Get in line with the others who are becoming legal citizens.
Have you noticed that Americans aren't crossing over into Mexico by the millions? Mexicans need to rise up and force their corrupt government to allow the people to prosper. Mexico is rich in natural resources and its people should be thriving.
Instead of trying to force their way into our country, I'd like them to take their marching to their own streets and change their own darn country for the better.
I won't be voting for anyone who is not dead serious about securing the southern border and who is not willing to force illegals to register for temporary work permits or be permenantly deported.
Can you tell you hit on a sore subject????

Our interent does the same thing during heavy rains.
BTW, until I've lived here in Hickdom for a full year, I am allowed to call my neighbors hicks. Come the end of July, I will have lived here for one year. At that time, I will officially be a hick myself. :)

EV said...

Criminals living on our infrastructure boycotting, clouding the issue, pounding theirs chests, chanting what yours is MINE and confident that Americans are so incompetent and guilty that America will be brought to it's collective knees. I think not. The greater question in my mind is, HOW did we get to this sad state??? Grrrrrrrr ....

Susie Hovendick Chan said...

They do pay taxes. Income is witheld from their checks. Many don't file to receive money back (they don't make much and would receive money back, if only they filed.) Other illegals do file. My husband is bilingual and does their taxes.

Jim said...

They pay school taxes too, and all the other taxes, most people aren't aware of this.
We teach them in our schools. They will be leaders of our country in the coming generations and we sure want them educated.
An aside--most Texas teachers receive $3000 or more a year if they are bilingual.

EV said...

OK, I'm your huckleberry. Yes, SOME do pay taxes - based on false SSN. And there are major burdens being placed on hospitals and other social institutions which are supported by property taxes. However,these comments do remind me how we came to this sad state - convoluted logic and opinions replacing debates based on facts. Of course,there is no mention of all the identity theft and mammoth criminal networks that are supported by illegal immigration. Personally, I am fed up with all the political pandering on both sides of the aisle and in the media. This is not the venue for me to continue paragraph upon paragraph. As a consequence, I'll refer you to Michelle Milkins April 26th blog post. The "fact" is that criminals, gangs, terrorists and tidal wave of malevolence is assaulting and violating our borders illegally - period. And it needs to stop.

Paul Nichols said...

Interestingly, no one will boycott the gas and electric companys.

I love Mexican people and I love my country. These kind of posts really bother me, cuz I can't figure out how to solve everyone else's problem.

Dan said...

I have a good example for all of you. In a bigger town in Nebraska there is a meat packing plant. Hispanics probably make up about half of the population, and that is all fine. But where the problem lies is this. The school is completely overflowing with kids and the school can't afford to expand and doesn't have enough teachers. There are bank accounts at the local bank that are funded by a lot of hard working Hispanics. Then the money is sent back to Mexico to help improve the way of life and the schools there. The local economy here is being drained to improve life there. I would want to help my family too, but this can't go on forever, that is common sense.

Anonymous said...

Cliff, thank you for this blog. I too am tired of this mess. Who says Americans won't do the work? I don't remember there being a shortage of meat, roofs not being shingled, etc. before. It was done by American citizens who received a fair wage for doing it. Then big business discovered that if they could hire illigals to do the job, they could pay less, charge the consumer the same price, and just look what it would do to their profit sheet. Well, if big business could do it why not small business too - the problem has just grown from there. I heard the other day about a computer program that the IRS had in place that checked all SS#'s that were reported by businesses on their quarterly reports against dates of birth and death and was extremely effective in picking up identity theft. The IRS reported their findings to the business and they had 30 days to correct the problem ie - fire the worker. At the urging of the National Chamber of Commerce, it was one of the first things that Pres. Bush got rid of when he took office. Why? They are huge campaign contributers and they want their profit margins high. Low wages mean higher profits. How long before the United States is going to become like Mexico - a country of two classes - the extreme rich and the extreme poor?

Anonymous said...

I saw a article yesterday on the MSN site about homeowners paying illegals to do labor for them at local Homedepos and such. They work for half the price and simplier they say.

I was stupid once and did this. I hate yard work so I payed some 40 dollars to clear all the leaves bag them up and take them away. Half acre lot. I felt bad for them they came knocking on the door asking for work. Well I had to go get my daughter from school because she had gotten sick. I came back and they were gone and so was my money and the job half done with the bags of leaves on the ground.

Never again. I was wrong for doing it to begin with but now am just pissed because I was trying to be good natured and got bit in the butt.

The hell with them. If some one gst cause driving with out a lisence they put them in jail. If they in our country with out a lisence put them in jail.

Anonymous said...

In response to Anonymous: Even if a business tries to comply and verify SSNs using the SSNVS system provided by the Social Security Administration, you set yourself up for possible discrimination or harassment lawsuits. The SSA doesn't give you back enough information to determine whether it is a fraudulent SSN, only that the name doesn't match their database. See the following link:

Triplet Dads said...

the thing I don't understand is how large businesses can get away with what they are doing. McDonalds Corp. is practically 100% immigrant workers in the Indy area - mostly here illegally. Why does the government let that happen yet pursues a $45 discrepancy between a 941 and W2 report from 2002 aggressively?

Jim said...

The minimus wage is $5.15 an hour. A forty hour week will pay $206. It is hard to keep a home and raise kids on that.
That's why U.S. citizens won't work at these jobs.
The last time the federal minimum wage was increased was in 1997, the bill passed in 1996.
That's ten years with now raise.
Some progressive states have raised the minimum wage, but not nearly enough states will do this.
Let's get this wage raised by about $1.50 to follow inflation and the young people might do some of these jobs that got away.

Idgie @ the "Dew" said...

Cliff, you stirred the pot sir! :)

I'm on both sides. I totally understand their wanting out of their own country.

I understand the want to be in the land of America.

I have nothing against them.

But when you go to a country... you follow the rules.

The rules say join, register, get a passport, act like a citizen.

To remain in the country and then to become blatently illegal by announcing this as your state of immigration, and protesting what you don't get because you snuck into the country........ this, I don't get.

Cliff said...

I have a friend who has worked in a packing plant here in Nebraska for 20 years.
On year one, he made over $30,000. By year 20, they had sped the line up by 4X, and he made $16,000. Four times the work for about half the money. He quit.
It was caused by an influx of illegal aliens. The job, is now one of those that only THEY will do. He now has a sod laying company. Americans aren't afraid of work.
I can only think that if the borders were closed (and I guarantee they eventually will be) this problem wouldn't exist. The communities (the taxpayers) really, really, suffer.
Thanks everyone for your well thought out comments. This little blog proves what a complex problem we face.

LZ Blogger said...

Boy Cliff, you certainly have this one right! And these protests just irritate the folks that have to pay ALL of the BILLS for these illegals! ~ They could be killing the Goose laying the Golden Eggs here! ~ jb///

Rachel said...

Hot topic Cliff!! I'm late getting here so I got to read all the comments on this one. I agree with you Cliff. We see more and more Mexican's here in our town. I think if they come here then they should abide by our laws and SPEAK our language. People in Washington have sold us out down through the years. Sad state of affairs.

Hey I'll vote for you!!

Paul Nichols said...

I've got it!!! I've spent the day coming up with a solution!!! Yee-haw!

First, we merge Mexico and the United States into one country. A complete merge will only take 15-20 years. Lots of new jobs created to build hiways, hospitals, infrastructure...

Second, we attack those Chinese bandits that have stolen our production industries/factories. That's right: China, the country that's sleeping with all the American IT companies (Microsoft, Cisco, et. al.) that are giving away technology by the baker's dozen.

Third, we slap Japan up side the head...

Fourth, we fire-bomb Colombia and all its cocaine...

Fifth, and those pesky Persians...

Cliff said...

Paul for President!

Anonymous said...

I took the liberty of sending this to all my friends for them to think about.....very good piece of writing......Nancy

Anonymous said...

Just a thought...

When I follow the logic of this argument:

A. People who travel into an established nation and expect to stay there should have to abide by the governing rules and societal standards of that nation.

Then, in the context of the conversation we're having here, I end up at this:

B. All of *us* should be abiding by the governing rules and societal standards of the nations that were already established in this part of North America when the *immigrants* who formed what's now known as the nation of the United States first arrived ---i.e., the pre-existing nations known as Lakota, Otoe, Ponca, Winnebago, etc., depending on where in North America you make your home.

Just something to think about, friends...

Cliff said...

Yes, learning from history is important. Not sufficiently protecting their borders, cost the Lakota, Otoe, Ponca, Winnebago, etc, their nations. Just as it will surely cost us ours.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your perspectives and thoughts on these issues, Cliff and everyone. Each and every time I have a chance to join in conversations where a variety of different voices are present, I find my own life and analysis richer as a result. I am alwasy hoping that all people who make homes, lives, and families in my communities (whatever those people's citizenship status may be) can continue to share their perspectives in engaging and respectful ways, while also listening to the voices of others, without fear of oppression, harassment, or violence.

The issues I see in my own readings of the United States histories, and the histories of other nations that have and still do share land with th U.S., are often complex. Many of these issues --imperialism, liberation, genocide, dehumanization, revolution, resistance, and community building, to name a few-- influence our lives and futures in ways that aren't about easy answers or quick fixes, in my opinion.

I often find myself wishing that more people, from all different sorts of perspectives, might be interested in sitting down to some food and patient conversation with folks from very different experiences from their own. Anyway, such endeavors have been helpful to me in my own life, and I will continue to try to learn what I can about my own perspectives along with the perspectives of others.

I offer heartfelt thanks again to you Cliff for spending some of your own time and energy sharing your perspectives with me and others. I think we have some very different takes on some of the issues at play in current sitations around immigrants rights, citizenship, etc., and I've valued the opportunity to share some of my thoughts and read some of yours.

Blog on!

Cliff said...

Thank you. Don't get me wrong, I'm good with legal immigration. I just think for security purposes we need to know who is here, what they're doing here, and that they have to follow the same procedure to get in as those overseas must adhere to.

Marcus said...

Hi Cliff

You're on my Dad's (Peter's) blogroll at Holtieshouse. Blogging has been a revelation for Dad, it's opened up a whole new world for him. It's fantastic to see the cyber community that he has become a part of.
I'm wondering if you'd like to do me a favour. May 28 is Dad's 70th birthday, a special milestone. I'm going to ask all his Blogging buddies to send him a special birthday message on the big day. I'm trying to keep it a secret so don't let the cat out of the bag ok?
I know he'll appreciate it.


Marcus (HoltPress)

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