Sunday, April 02, 2006


Reason # 2: Ralph is adventurous. Here (on right) he is seen emerging from the jungles of darkest Africa. (yes they have lights in the jungle. DUH) He is emitting an aire of confidence here, even though just 2 minutes earlier, he had faced down an adult male lion. Well actually, Char, his wife, made him put it back on the shelf.
He is forcing a little smile even though he is in a pithy mood. Thus the helmet. You too, can vote for Ralph, a real man's man, by going to Best of Blogger and voting for Ralph C, for Sexiest Male Blogger.
This advertisement was paid for by... nobody. Which is why I'm not going to be doing this crap forever.


John Goerzen said...

What I can't understand is why some guy -- at least we *THINK* it's a guy, we can't really tell since he hasn't posted photos of himself like Ralph has -- named "Mr. Fabulous" is ahead of Ralph!

A little Googling revealed his blog, and well... let's just say it's not going on my bookmarks anytime soon. His blog is named "Pointless Drivel" and I have to admit the title is a good description of it.

And what kind of a name is Mr. Fabulous anyway? That's hardly original. Google has 19.5 million Mr. Fabulous pages. Apparently there are several Mr. Fabulouses out there.

Ralph is a much more original name. I've only ever known one other Ralph, and he died when I was about 5. He had been a friend of the family for years, and in fact lived at my grandpa's farm for his whole life.

He was very friendly, but sometimes ate things he shouldn't have (don't we all). He had to stay outdoors, or in the barn, because grandpa didn't care for his table manners. But despite that, he never asked for handouts except to have his food and water bowls refilled every day, and a little scratching around the ears.

We never knew for sure, but I bet that Ralph was popular with the ladies, too.

I guess there is one difference from that Ralph to our friendly Homespun Headlines Ralph. Unlike our Ralph, this one had black hair from head to toe.

I'm definitely voting for Ralph every day. We can't let him lose to Mr. Boring.

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

Done, Dr Schweitzer. I hurried right over to vote.

Cliff Morrow said...

John, this other Ralph, sounds like the one we've grown to know and love.
Char sometimes has him stay outside and he does eat things he shouldn't, and he loves it when Char scratches him behind the ears. You should see his foot get to going when she does that.

Britmum said...

So who is the other handsome chap next to the hottie Ralph?


Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

All I can say is the rewards of winning are the same as the pay.

Rachel said...

Okay Cliff!! You are an excellent PR man for sure!!

Yep, two sexy males there and one with a Mini Pearl price tag still on his hat!!

Oh, how nice to be scratched behind the ears, and to see his foot going!! Cliff, you are too funny.

I had a frog named Ralph and he was an excellent frog. He didn't do any tricks or anything but still...for a frog he was top notch!

Rhodent said...

You must be doing something right... our Ralphie is now in second place... yesterday he was in third place. Keep the momentum going!

Peter said...

I'm glad you pointed out that Ralph was the one on the right Cliff, had it been the one on the left Mr Fabulouswould have been finished.
It was a fairly Pithy photo, fancy being able to diguise that physique with just a shirt.

Cliff Morrow said...

Britmum: That's me I'm afraid. I hope this doesn't mean you won't be coming back.
Ralph and I live about 500 miles apart but seem to get together a couple times a year. That photo was taken in a store in Omaha, NE.

Just Help Me said...

omg!!! i have been gone all week. my puter was down and lost all my favorites, i get on and what do i see but the sexiest blogger around!! you have my vote!! lol

JUST A MOM said...

WWO AND THAT woudl not be a tag hanging form his helmet??

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm wondering what that other guy in the pic did when that lion approached. I'm sure he was equally as brave as Ralph. I think both men are skilled in dealing with angry lionesses at home on a regular basis, so the rigors of this grueling campaign are a piece of cake in comparison.

Cliff Morrow said...

JD, you're right again. In comparison to home, it was a mere 'slight altercation'.