Saturday, April 22, 2006


Farming takes Faith. And insanity.
We are mechanically 'hiding' huge dollar amounts of seed corn and soybeans, in the ground and then covering it with even bigger dollar amounts of fertilizer and chemical. The corn and beans come up every year. They will again. Won't they?? After watching and participating in this process for more than 50 years it is easy to think of this as faith. I can get all teary eyed just thinking about it. So can my banker.
I'm sitting here looking out the window and watching the sun, light the earth. There is now enough of it to light the field. So I will go plant.
There is an old farmer joke. One farmer says, "if it doesn't rain, I'm going to have to rob a bank." The other farmer replies, "If it doesn't rain, I already have robbed a bank." I'm off to see the wizard.


PinkCat said...

I thought that this was cute and I am not giving you any gip!!

Five friendly farmers
Wake up with the sun,
For it is early morning
And the chores must be done.
The first friendly farmer
Goes to milk the cow.
The second friendly farmer
Thought he'd better plow.
The third friendly farmer
Feeds the hungry hens.
The fourth friendly farmer
Puts the piggies in their pens.
The fifth friendly farmer
Picks the ripe corn.
And waves to the neighbor
When he blows his horn.
When the work is finished
And the evening sky is red
Five tired farmers
Tumble into bed!

Take care xx

poopie said...

It is, indeed, amazing. And I love every minute of being a part of the process!

Ralph said...

Keep the faith Cliff. They will grow!! If your crops can survive me they can survive anything!!
I know when I do tree plantings like I have been all month - I walk by and talk to people and think to myself "that tree is dead, that tree is dead". The next year the trees are alive.
Keep the faith.

Kendra Lynn said...

I think that farming is such a great lifestyle. You are so close to God...planting His seeds, watching them grow...reaping the harvest.
I really like your blog.

Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

A farming joke that I've never heard before. Cliff, you never cease to amaze me. That made my day. Thanks.

TamWill said...

Sounds like you are living the good life :)

nice blog too!

Jamie Dawn said...

You plant and then hope that the weather plays nice.
I hope all goes well as you are planting and that you reap a bountiful harvest!
(If you need to rob your local bank, I can share some tips with you. The most important tip is make sure your mask doesn't slip off your face. People know who Cliff is.)

Paul Nichols said...

Today--Sunday--our SS class specifically prayed for rain for the western half of the state. Okay, you're included.

Jim said...

I'm thinking faith too.
Faith in the mother nature that God made?
Or faith that God will take care right now?
My money is on both of the above.

After you plant, and in between spraying, you can come to see our league leading--for right now--Houston Astros.
MacDonalds has a coupon on the tray paper that gets four mezzanine seats, four Cokes, four hot dogs, and two Astro hats, all for $55.00.
Of course parking will cost from five to $25 depending on how close to the stadium you park.

Anonymous said...

Even this city girl has heard that joke! :D
Glad you stopped by "Emerald City." Enjoyed your visit, even though my wizard doesn't blog but "Mr. Escape Artist" is a good sport.
hope you had a terrific weekend!

Peter said...

You've been there and done that often enough now Cliff to know you will get it right to some degree every time.

Anonymous said...

I always thought farming was the riskiest business out there. So much faith in things you can't control.

Did you ever think about building a baseball field in your fields?

eyes_only4him said...

you farmers just can never predict what kind of crop you will get..with mother nataure all unpredictable and stuff..

but if you need to rob a bank, I will gladly drive your get away car cliff;)

Felecia said...

Faith indeed. Thank you for the glimpse!