Saturday, April 15, 2006

I always get a little nostalgic when Easter comes around. I think back on the spring weather that comes with Easter, and the warmth, the snow melting and our old muddy lane. We would pile everyone into the Jeep to drive to the end of the lane where our car was parked. We would take it to church. We went every Sunday but Easter was special and we had on our best. It was our way of doing our part. God had given his all, so we gave ours. Our effort wasn't much in comparison, but it was an effort none the less.
Thinking back on those times, my parents believed the same thing as their parents before them, and so on. Everyone we knew back then had the same views. Views on abortion, marriage, freedoms, and rights. I also believe the same things my parents did and add the generations before them. Nothing has changed. Pretty middle of the road stuff. Right?
No, wrong. Now those same beliefs aren't middle of the road. Those beliefs are now intolerant, extreme, right wing, religious zealots. Why the nerve of us.
Truth be told, those titles are handed out, because of our beliefs. We refused to move, or be moved down the easier path. The one where if it feels good, you should be able to do it. The path where no one is responsible for themselves or their family. The path where the government is supposed to protect, and entitle, and make everyone equal and on the same low, easy to reach plane. Where it's okay to be any religion as long as it isn't Christian. The path where it's wrong to use the death penalty on a mass murderer, yet it's okay to take a full term baby and suck it's brains into a sink. That path took off to the left, went down thru the ditch, and into the field so far from the center of the road, that they can't be seen anymore. From over there in the field where they are, I'll bet it does seem that we are so far to their right, that we can't be tolerated anymore. They're not going to put up with us anymore. We are "soooo" intolerant. Uh, WE are??
All of this because we wanted to stick to our beliefs. You know, not be dummied down by society. The center won't be moved, and that folks, is the problem. Those on the left are standing knee deep in a muddy field, thinking it's the middle of the road. They're waving to us to come on out in the field.
I like it here on the road. I don't have a Jeep to ride thru the mud in, anymore.
Have a Blessed Easter.


Britmum said...

Cliff you are a wise and true man. May you truly have a beautiful Easter.


Peter said...

You've nailed it yet again Cliff, does it get monotonous being right so often?
You asked if we ate ham at easter here, mainly at Christmas we have hot ham, the rest of the time we tend to eat it as a cold meat, with salads etc.

Miki said...

Have the happiest of Easters, Cliff. Give the wife a kiss, and stay in the middle of the road, it isn't a bad place to be....We must stick to what we believe in and raise our families the way we feel is necessary. It isn't a terrible thing to hold fast to what you believe in, to raise your family in the way that is right, pardon the pun on left and right, but seriously, if more people would instill a sense of right and wrong in their children, we wouldn't have such problems with our society. If you break it, fix it or buy it, take responsibility for what you have done! THat is what I am trying and my husband is trying to instill in our children, right is right, wrong is srong, no negotiation. But now my soapbox will go away, and may the Blessings of Easter be bestowed upon you and your family!

Rhodent said...

Good post... thanks Cliff!

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

Happy Easter to all, Cliff!

Rachel said...

Very well said Cliff. You are a wise man. Thanks for such a good post!

Paul said...

Hear! Hear! Good stuff--again.

Triplet Dads said...

Cliff - nice post. Happy Easter.

Rachel said...

Cliff, I have been watching the weather channel and seeing all those NE tornados. Hope you all have a safe place to get! Been thinking about y'all!

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm giving you a "Glory Hallelujah!" for that excellent post.
There's a lot of convoluted thinking out there for sure.
Old fashioned beliefs are nothing to be ashamed of, and I think it's those foundations that make our country great. It will be a sad day when and if those are stripped away.

We went to church, my tummy is full, and I've had a nap.
It's been a blessed Easter!

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

Hey, Cliff, I meant to give you an atta boy for a particularly great post. Thanx! It's good to know a man who knows where he stands and isn't afraid to say it or participate in the compromises. ^5!

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Another great post Cliff. Happy Easter to all.
Ralph and Char

Jim said...

Picked up my Mother-in-law for church this morning. She said, "It's Easter, there won't be any Sunday school today, will there?" Of course there was, at least in this Bible Belt town.

Maybe she got that idea from all the cancellations of church services on Christmas Sunday.

I hear that the high prices Cargil is paying for corn has driven the gas prices up a whole lot. It is nice you are getting some of that money! Buy a Jeep.

Just read your last week's blogs. It will take a while to read the other four weeks.

We are happy for the again to be a Grandpa and Grandma.

We called Karen by the name "Festis" until she was born. Surely I can help with the naming.

Cheyenne said...

I'm right there along side of you.

Dan said...

Well Said!

Babble said...

I have many friends who want to stray from the road and want those on the road to be ok with that.

They want their cake and eat it too. Its so hard to balance friendship and beleifs some times.

Great post and Happy Easter.

Jerry said...

Is that same Jeep that Ruth got stuck in the driveway?

Excellent post. Hope y'all had a happy Easter!