Thursday, April 12, 2007

Caller ID

Our big screen is hooked to Directv which means it has a phone line attached also. When our HDDVR was installed the first few minutes of viewing revealed that when the phone rings, the callers name and phone number appear right there in the middle of Boston Legal. Or which ever reality based show you may be watching.
Two nights ago a call came thru from a neighboring town. After reading the name, both Marilyn and Juli said, "She's a customer." The number was kind of foriegn meaning it was a cell phone. The conversation went like this,,,
Cliff: Hello
Her:(in her most secret and seductive voice) "Whair ya." Did I mention she was drunk.
Cliff: (Taking her lead and using my secret voice) "Home."
Her: "Wader ya dewin."
Cliff: "Watching TV."
Her: "Why nwot come on down." (the background noise indicates that Bubba has just sacrificed a virgin to the Bud Light God's)
Cliff: "Nah"
Her: alarmed now- "Are those kids voices I hear."
Cliff: "Yes. But they're just leaving."
Her: "Who are ya."
Cliff: (sensing the second verse just starting again I said) "A wrong number I think." "Hello" "HellOooo."
Marilyn: "Did she want to board her dog?"
Cliff: "Nope, she was just wanting to visit."
Look folks, when you live 9 miles from the nearest town, you use what you can for entertainment.
Next Up: A Rant.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cliff -- Can you still watch airplanes land and take off at the small town airports?
That used to be fun.
Or we'd go down to the creek and walk around.
Blogger switched me to the New Blogger tonight and I don't have a password.

Lee said...

Hahahaha...the things one does for entertainment! ;)

By the way, I love "Boston Legal"...I love any show that has David E. Kelly heading the writing camp.

Jerry said...

At least she didn't ask what you were wearing. I think you could start up your own 1-900 phone service, Cliff.

Peter said...

"who are yer 'n wader ya dewin." are lines from life that only a few are lucky enough to hear Cliff, "ya lucky devil".

Miki said...

I don't know Cliff, strange women calling at strange hours? Especially strange women drinking and calling at strange hours. At least you were able to have a little fun in the process!

Paul said...

I had a similar call once. She called looking for Paul. "I need you to come down to my office right away." Huh? Long story, short: a lady police officer who called the wrong Paul.

We have all the luck, don't we?

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

That's pretty funny Cliff. I am anxiously awaiting the rant.

Raggedy said...

Well I am getting my entertainment reading right here....
Huggles and Love,

BTW: I just had my blogaversary on the 12th!

b13 said...

Hi there. Stopped by through JDMB and was quiteentertained from your latest posts :) I'll be stopping by more often!

Jamie Dawn said...

Good old fashioned entertainment!
I was thinking what Jerry said.
If she'd asked what you were wearing, you could have really had fun with your answer!!

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