Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Weekend Update

Everything went well last weekend. The two roasts almost did it to me again however. I put the 18 pound roast in at 5 A.M. as I was fearful that it might still be frosty in the center. It was. The oven was set at 350 degrees and when I checked it at 6:45, I found that the main control knob had been turned from Bake to Off. Cold oven. Mad cook. After this, Nobody is to touch my oven control knob. My wife won't let me cement it in place because we may, one day, want to clean the oven again.

Both of the roasts were judged edible and since it was a low turn out of people, we sent meat home with everyone. At least we got rid of it.

The Pine Wood Derby was Sunday afternoon. My Grandson got a 3rd place trophy for 'speed' and a smaller one for best design. The picture doesn't show the metal flake paint his Uncle Dan helped him put on the car. (metal flake is that gold sparkly stuff that makes the paint glitter)(sorry I got all technical on you there)

In the pic the clear coat comes out looking dusty. It really was shiny. You'll have to trust me on this one.
Here on the farm...the players are in the dugouts, the tarp is on the playing field, and we are in a 'Rain Delay.' My 'Day in the life' won't work until it dries out a bit.


Peter said...

I like the authoritative sound of "Nobody is to touch my oven control knob" Cliff, hope it works out for you.

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Third place and best of show for design does result a huge smile doesn't it. Man, does he look happy.
Wish you would have gone into more detail on the mad cook statement.

Michael said...

Cool paint job! And that looks like one happy Scout .... brings back some good memories, too.

LOL at Marilyn's rationale for not cementing Cliff's oven "control knob". BUT you made an excellent point - ovens DO perform so much better when in the BAKE position. ;)

JUST A MOM said...

Nice car,, yeah and that bnaby upside down is pretty cute too. The boy I wouod have to say is handsome. just stoppin by.

Jamie Dawn said...

Pinewood Derby is a sore spot for our family. My son had the fastest, coolest car and was taking the whole place by storm, when all of a sudden... his car decided to break down. We have a photo of him looking all dejected. He still hates to think about that awful day. :)
I'm sure glad your grandson's day was a good one!
That car is totally rad!!!!

I'd like some of that leftover roast, please. I really like roast beef sandwiches.

nora said...

Wow! Was that the smaller trophy? C. looks pretty darn happy. He'll need a trophy case soon.

I"m sorry about the rain delay -- we're having one here also.

Rachel said...

I wondered how your meat turned out Cliff. Too bad you didn't turn the Bake knob on. Maybe at 5 a.m. you were not fully awake?

Your grandson looks exceedingly happy with that huge trophy!! Neat car too! I'm glad he did well.

We are supposed to get that rain tomorrow.

Lee said...

I've been dying to know how your "bake-off" turned out too, Cliff. Silly knob! They're always doing something wrong! ;)

Love the paint job and what a lovely looking little boy your grandson is...takes after his grandfather, does he? :)

Miki said...

Cliff, glad that your Roasts turned out great! Your grandson looks so very happy, it is cute. Kids love what they love, and it always shows! When he grows up he will be a heartbreaker. The car is really nice, never seen one look so professional before. My boys are not scouts, they are baseball guys. In a way, I am sorry that they missed out on it, the scouting thing, but we chose to let them follow their hearts. My daughter, well, can't wait until she starts making those decisions! Sorry that the Rain delay has hit you, we experienced some of it yesterday, and more is expected Friday, our travel day. Have a great one!

Jerry said...

That is one happy boy.

Jim said...

Funny today, very good Cliff.
Congratulations to Grandson for those trophies and that nice car. Uncle Dan's help with the painting came in handy too!
Sorry 'bout the knob. I'll be either of two people turned it, the nobody who was supposed to work it or the somebody who we won't discuss.
Glad you have tarps for your fields, that county job pay pretty good? I think the water would be better for growing.
My April June Bug will be a picture of Karen's Pine Wood Derby car. She won first place.
Of technology has improved since then so it probably couldn't keep up with the modern cars.
Dad was the chief speed consultant for her project. Mrs. Jim did the fashion painting consulting. Karen did [most of] the work.

Britmum said...

Cliff I am so glad that your meat turned out good. Don't you just hate it when people touch your stuff.

What a great car that your Grandson made. I think he deserved first place.

Take care xx

Dan said...

If they're not turnin' your knobs, they're pushin' your buttons.

JunieRose2005 said...

Cute kid and great looking car! He looks real happy!

AHH- too bad about that roast beef! Those kind of things always happen when it's something we consider an important event-so it seems to me!


Jim said...

Karen's car I mentioned above. For posterity.
Karen's car, it's a 1982 or so Pine Wood Derby Racer