Monday, April 16, 2007

Virginia Tech

I have removed my most recent of blogs and will put it back in a few days. I, like you, have been saddened by today's events in Virginia. My thought and prayers go out to everyone involved.
I also was very perturbed as I listened to the first press conference this afternoon. The lead investigator was telling the reporters what the police knew so far. The stupidity of the main stream media shown through very brightly. Just like 9-11, the focus was on who's fault it was. And just like back then, the folks or individual who actually did the killing weren't mentioned in their questioning. It was all about placing blame on some official. I got home and out of my truck so I didn't hear the last of the press conference. I was waiting to hear a reporter from CNN or NBC ask, "Did the President know this was going to happen and when did he know it?" or "Do you have any indication that the current administration could have averted this catastrophe had they spent more money on something?
You and I and the rest of America will know in the morning the name of the man who's fault it was. David Gregory and Chris Matthews won't be able to figure this one out.


Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

I didn't hear or see it live but CNN replayed it a few minutes ago. All I can say is the majority of those reporters are dumber than rocks. The questions they were asking were just plain stupid. I guess this once again proves how easy it is to second quess. The admin at the school had minutes to decide what to do, the reporters had a good part of the day to think up their dumb questions.

Jim said...

Hi Cliff, yes, this is a very sad situation.
I don't watch all those news programs. Just the five o'clock local and the 5:30 pick-one network news. They didn't try to second guess, just did some reporting.
If I ever get cable I still won't watch either Fox or CNN because each in its own way tries to influence the public to its sponsor's way of thinking.
Anyway, this is a terrible thing, especially for the families involved. Kids just aren't sent off to college to get shot.

Kendra Lynn said...

What has happened is so sad to me.
If your kids' colleges are not safe...what is? Amazing.
I pray for those who lost loved ones today.


Britmum said...

It is a very scary sad world we live in and some how we have to raise our children to be strong.

My thoughts and prayers go to those that have lost their loved ones.

Take care xx

Rachel said...

I first heard of this while my car was in the shop and I was in the customer waiting room where the TV was. I was so shocked and saddened. Now tonight I hear them talking about gun control. Stuff and Nonsense!!! I believe that if guns are outlawed then outlaws are the only ones who will have them. The gun killed those kids but the gun was in control of one person who did the killing. If I beat someone to death with a rock did I do it or shall we get rid of all rocks?

Yes, they will blame everyone and anything, etc, etc, etc. Doesn't do any good to blame. The deed is done.

I will pray for all those families who today lost a sister, brother, son, daughter, Aunt, Uncle, or parent during this horrible tragedy, as well as the ones who are wounded. What sorrow and pain they are going through now because of one crazy person.

Paul said...

I blogged about this, too.

I'm with you. We can only pray for survivors. So let's commit to do that.

cassie-b said...

So sad.

Our cousin taught at Virginia Tech until about 4 years ago. I'm so glad she wasn't there yesterday

Michael said...

As you, Cliff, I have many thoughts about the reality of this predictable tragedy. Columbine pales to the loss of life here. The events of 911 may one day pale in comparison, too. The MSM and politicians do their ritual dance with emphasis on pointing and leveraging disaster. The mindlessness of unarmed “safe zones” has again been shown. At least, airline pilots can now be armed. And judgments are made on the basis of emotion versus critical thinking.

But, now is a time for quite reflection and a reasoned approach to our preparedness. More importantly, I agree with Paul’s comment. Now and everyday is a time for continuing prayer on behalf of those in need and for wisdom and discernment as we move forward.

Peter said...

It's a dangerous world out there now-a-days Cliff, bad enough without the idiots in the media making it worse with their incompetent stupidity.

nora said...

I was just sick when I heard the news and the spin on it.
By choice, I am not someone who will ever own a gun -- but it does not mean that all gun owners are killers.
I'm going to get kicked out of the tree hugging liberals club for that comment!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

its sad, so very sad..

I have issues with guns to begin with..

back a few years ago..(maybe 5 or 6) back in my homeland a girl took a gun to her KINDERGARDEN class and shot and killed a fellow classmate...

it was all over the national news too...Tom Brokaw couldnt figure that one out either..

we need stiffer gun control laws, plain and simple..

so very sad.

GeL(emerald eyes) said...

Thank you for this post.
For a personal account, see my blog. :(

Lee said...

What occurred is tragic, very, very sad. No one has the answers. If they did, such atrocities like this would never happen.

My heart and prayers go out to the families and loved ones of those innocents whose lives were cut short.

Jamie Dawn said...

Unimaginable horror.
I don't mind people looking into what could have been done better or even trying to find out what signs were missed or overlooked as they study this murderer's background. What I DO mind is people thinking this kind of thing can be prevented if only we do A, B. & C. The truth is, no matter what laws we pass or what we do as a society, there will always be some nuts in the bunch who are hell bent on killing others. Sociopathic killers will always find a way to kill. If they can't get a gun (which is unlikely being that we have millions of them in the USA), they'll make a bomb or use poison ro kill people.
My heart aches for all who are grieving.
Their loss is beyond what I can comprehend.