Sunday, April 22, 2007

We're Not Just Hangin' Around

Farming has begun here in Eastern Nebraska. I've put in one good day of planting. Out of three tries, that's not bad. I'm confident now that the planter should run the season in perfect order. I haven't ordered my diesel tanks topped off. I'll do that tomorrow. I must have been waiting for the price to go up. It's high enough now that I can order in 1500 gallons and be assured that it will have maximum economic devastation to the bank account.
Today is the dinner and business meeting at Church that everyone wanted me to cook for last Sunday. I have put an eighteen pound 'leg of pork' (aka fresh ham, aka green ham, {turns out a pigs rear IS made out of pork}) and in one hour will put a top sirloin block in with it. This will be just like the mission, you will need to sit thru a church service before being allowed to eat. The doors will be locked and everyone will be frisked for contraband. (not really, I made that up- I hate to break my string of never having told an untruth on my blog) ahem, cough.
Last night I was uncertain about how to spell a word. The spellchecker on Outlook said everything was OK. I changed the spelling 4 more times and each time it was OK. Conclusion: The spell checker program was not written by my mother in-law.
Yesterday my daughter took my grandson down to Lincoln to seek help from Uncle Dan in putting a suitable paint job on his Cub Scout Derby Car. I will post a pic when it becomes available. This might be good.
I have considered posting a 'Day In The Life' blog about me and my planting activities here on the farm. I'm having second thoughts though. I fear it may be used by you people as a cure for insomnia and I wouldn't want anyone falling to the floor with a thud and injuring themselves.


Paul said...

I would attend your pot luck (I'd even sit through a meeting), but you didn't say anything about pizza. I'm particular.

Yes, yes, yes! Let's see the Derby car. My grandson just finished his derby. He's in a huge den in Atlanta. He had a good-looking vehicle, but it wasn't fast enough...

Great entertainment to help get my week started. Thanks.

Peter said...

Sounds like you got the fuel @ maximum price thing worked out Cliff, what are you planting? corn I guess?

nora said...

I'm glad Jerry and I timed our visit right to avoid actual work.
I enjoyed the "day in the life" of a relaxed Cliff.

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

I see several future post right here. For sure the care thing - I am sure that will be the only Cub Scout Derby Car to enter the the paint bin at Morrow Collision Center. While it might not win the race it will winn the best paint job category. I imagine it will take both Dan and Tom to make sure it is done right.
Day in the Life of Cliff - Do it. Just do it. We don't fall asleep that easy.
Church pot luck - this is where a before and after picture would tell the world how good your cooking is.
The bank account thing I would just leave alone.

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

While both you and I need a lot care - I think I meant to write car in that second sentence.

Michael said...

I LOL at that picture - too cute -thanx! I second the motion on the 'Day In The Life' series. It's a great idea.

LZ Blogger said...

Cliff ~ I loved the upside down hanging picture (even though it gave me a headache!) I'd loved to hear about the PLANTING too! ~ jb///

Marc said...

Saw your comment on Lee's blog. She's a hoot!

I was laughing so hard over this post. We have pot luck suppers before our voters meetings, and can relate to the last minute panic that ensues sometimes.

Britmum said...

I would love to chinwag with you at a potluck Cliff. I like the concept of a potluck but I have been mostly dissappointed at the ones I have attended. Perhaps yours would be different especially if there is pork but.

I would read your day in a life and I am sure Sam would love to read it.

Take care xx

Rachel said...

I have never fallen over with a thud and injured myself while reading anyone's blog!! I would never with yours. Hearing your daily life would be fun I'm sure.

I'll bet that church dinner was good!! Glad you got it cooked on the proper date!!

Lee said...

Hurry up and post again, Cliff! I want to find out hour your pig and bull went! ;)

I thought it so very kind-hearted of you to purchase the diesel at a higher rate. You sure you shouldn't perhaps wait another might even go up higher...worth a try!

Miki said...

A day ub the life? That seems to be what I do, Cliff, so post away, I don't hear you falling on the floor with a thud when you read mine! Sorry I have been away, we had computer nightmares, I mean trouble recently. Glad to be back and will catch up on your previous week's posts!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

myself, I would love to read about your daily schedule on the daily hop on it ole boy.

1 plus twins said...

man i could go for some of that food about now!!! can't wait to hear all about the cub scout derby!!

1 plus twins said...

man i could go for some of that food about now!!! can't wait to hear all about the cub scout derby!!

1 plus twins said...

man i could go for some of that food about now!!! can't wait to hear all about the cub scout derby!!

Jim said...

Hi Cliff -- Well, you probably are in a stew right about now. Just don't through the pork in too.

I misread the first word as I was going to breeze through your post. Somehow it didn't sound like fun, so I went back and changed the "t" to the "m" that belonged there.
The former would make an interesting blog too (?!?!), maybe you could do that after eating all those beans tonight.

Last thing, I keep an open window for Googling words I need to know how to spell. Then Google tells me some posts or the familiar message, "Did you mean [insert the correctly spelled word here?

Paul said...

Cliff, I want to see a "Day in The Life" blog, too. Which day will it be?

Jerry said...

We are farming here in central Indiana too. My brother-in-law is going to Michigan this weekend. So the B-team (me) may be soon up to bat. Did I just mix my sports metaphors?

Take your camera with you if it's not too dusty. We want farming pics!

Jamie Dawn said...

Zzzzzzzzzz... huh?

I LOVE that photo!!

gel said...

"spellchecker not written by your m.i.l." LOVE that.