Thursday, April 26, 2007

City Wide Garage Sale

Last weekend our home town held their first annual 'City Wide Garage Sale.' I'm sure this is old hat to a lot of you but the city wide concept was new to us. Everyone have a sale joined in on the cost of the advertising. It was a full page add in area newpapers listing directions to each sale, a map, what they had for sale, and the hours of operation on Friday and/or Saturday. Most of this junk is merchandise pictured is ours. We held our sale at my Mother In-law's garage in town. Believe it or not we took about 3 loads in and didn't bring anything back except our tables and a couple of those saddles. The saddles weren't going to be given away as some items were. Marilyn turned into quite the business woman on Sat early afternoon. She discovered the phrase that pays. She found that the words, "Oh just take it, it's free" worked very nicely. I think it was a huge success judging by the fact that it was hard to drive around town that day because of all of the traffic and parked cars. The parked cars wouldn't have been a problem with the motors running like that but leaving the doors open created a few problems.


Jim said...

Hi Cliff -- I sure wish I had known about the sales. Lois gets the paper but she didn't tell me about the city wide.
Had I have known, I would have placed my order with you for some things I have been looking for.

Specifically, I am looking for a Tekamah High School Year Book, year 1951. Mine flooded when our house flooded in 1979 and was ruined.

We lost most all of our family pictures too!

Dan said...

You brought the rowing machine home,,,Right?

Jim said...

Karen's Pine Wood Derby Racer is on my blog this morning. JIM'S LITTLE BLOG at

Lee said...

I keep going to garage sales to buy a garage, but no one wants to sell them! That is false advertising in my book!

Cliff Morrow said...

Precisely Lee.

Dan, The rowing machine didn't come home. And I didn't ask any questions. She made a trip to the compactor and to the thrift shop to make donations before she came home. The only thing that came back were the saddles and that's okay as she can sell them at good money but the buyers are a specialized market.

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

I had one of those rowing machines. You can really workup a sweat. Albeit, I didn't get 5 feet from the dock - it sunk!!!

Kendra Lynn said...

I have a yard sale every year. I've never made less than 250 dollars on a sale.
I usually make close to 400, last year I made 500.
Definitly worth it to me to have the sale.

Hope yours was somewhat successful in that area.


cassie-b said...

What a great concept. As you know, one person's trash is another person's treasure.


Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

With Marilyn's new phrase, "Oh just take it, it's free" maybe next year she can be in charge of the City wide white elephant exchange.

susie said...

Thanks for those magic words.

Rachel said...

I loved Mike's comment!! LOL

I'll take that saddle in the front with the blanket that is under the back saddle!! I don't blame you for not giving those nice saddles away. People will try to talk you down at yard sales, and some of them want you to give it to them.

I went to a couple of yard sales today and found a few bargains. It's rare to find saddles at a yard sale!

Britmum said...


Remember you blog I read, I blog you read!!

Anyway did you get any bargains?

I see that excercise machine there may come in handy.

Take care xx

1 plus twins said...

so glad the sale was a success!!

Paul said...

Had a garage sale once. The next day, I asked My First Wife, "Hey, where's my tool box? I need my..."

"Oh," she said. "I sold it at the garage sale."

"What!?! How much?"

"$5." The fan started spinning. Something hit it.

Nice looking Derby car. Very nice.
Long story short: I found the guy and gave him his money back. "I thought it was too good to be true," he said.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

we have those same sales here, and every year I say I wanna join and sell/give away some of my crap..but have yet to do it..

I am too lazy to go to garage sales, let alone have one.

Carmi said...

Hi Cliff. Your overview of the garage sale is a rich recollection indeed. You've motivated me to consider doing something similar here north of the border.

BTW, I found your link on Jamie Dawn's blog and decided to follow it home. I'm glad I did, as your site is a compelling read. I love how you're so involved in your community.

I look forward to reading more of your work, and hope you'll pop by my blog as well.

All the best,


Jamie Dawn said...

I haven't been to a garage sale in many moons.
I enjoy going to them, but I never remember to go to them. A citywide sale would be a blast! I could find lots of junk to take home.

Celia Weiner said...

Hi Cliff,

I'm wondering if you've played my board game DRIVEWAY DEALS Garage Sale Shopping Fun For Everyone?

It's LOADS of fun! You can get a copy by logging on to


Celia Weiner