Thursday, May 05, 2005

Corn Planting is Done!!

The corn planting is over and as usual, the first thing I planted was sweet corn and it was also the last. It was 7:00 pm when I got done so rather than start something else, I treated myself to a mini vacation and came in the house.
We have a hallway with one big wall. A group of cork boards stretch the entire 12 feet. We have them filled with pictures. Kind of like a long refridgerator. As I walked down that hall tonight, the above picture caught my eye. Taken years ago, at Harlan County Reservoir, on the NE-KS border. The lake's been almost out of water for 5 years now but we used to spend a week camping and fishing and playing golf there every year. Our kids know that lake very well. It took me back for a moment, it was fun.
That's Tom in the boat and Dan on the right. I know, I should have had sunscreen on.


bridgesitter said...

Cliff, why's the lake out of water? Drought? Used up? I like the idea of the looooong refridgerator! Do you all still spend a week somewhere together every year? I hope so.

Cliff Morrow said...

Yes, the lake is in an area which is in the 5th dry year, and the 3rd of severe drought. That would include extreme western KS, eastern CO, and SW NE. We have a family reunion every other year that we all attend and yeah we do get together a lot.