Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Kansas: As Big as You Think

Terah and John have been camping. Terah's first experience. They have both written a couple of interesting blogs on the topic. Check them out. Terah was also talking about the new Kansas slogan "Kansas, as big as you think".
It got me to thinking about Jerry Clower's story about the time the entire Ledbetter family saved up enough money to take Grandpa Ledbetter to the Mississippi coastline to show Gramps the Ocean. A lifelong dream of his.
With much anticipation and excitement, they drove the 90 year old man onto the beach, got him out of the car and let him gaze on the vast expanse of water. Nothing but water for as far as you could see. They let him soak in the grandeur of it all for a bit and finally couldn't wait to ask the obvious question, "Well, what do you think Grandpa?" And in an obviously disappointed tone he said "Hmm, I thought it would be bigger than this".


Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Great story Cliff. I've heard some Jerry Clower's stuff - he is really quite funny.
Did you get everything planted?

Jamie Dawn said...

Oh, Gramps!

I hate camping!!! Give me a nice hotel and a luxurious bathroom. No tents!

Cliff Morrow said...

Corn is in Ralph. Now it's on it's way to being drowned out. 3" and still raining.
Thanks for the visit Jamie.