Monday, May 16, 2005

The Trailride at Morrow's

The next several pictures are from the trailride from our place Saturday. I lost the view's I had from the porch, of all of the riders and equipment. (corrupted data said the Canon Rebel,I had to reformat the card and then it was too late.) There must have been 30 or 40 big rigs here. It started Friday night when about 10 rigs came in early and then the rest came for breakfast (bisquits and gravy) Sat morn before the ride.
It looked like the old west, if you didn't look closely, that is. Although the horses were 'tacked', authentically, as well as the riders, I couldn't help but notice they all had leather canteens, but the water came from the saddle bags and said 'Dansani' on it. Several pulled out cell phones to check on businesses and kids, and the fact that I got a cd with 250 pictures on it, means there was an abundance of miniaturized digital cameras.
A great time was had by all, largely to the generosity of our neighbors to the south. The ride went over at least 5 landowners, all of which have always been the best of neighbors. We are fortunate to live by these folks. Next October the 'ride' moves to the beautiful hills west of Tekamah, near Summit Lake. Load em up and come on over!


Rhodent said...

OK... there were lots of places to leave comments for this post, but i decided to leave just one here! I Love the pictures. It really looks like great fun. Having had a very bad experience with a horse when I was in 6th grade, I am still a bit nervous about riding them... but I do love to look at them!

magz said...

great pix cliff! i just BARELY missed this ride (tho I'm a weenie about cold weather rides) yet the whole look and feel of this batch o pix and stories sure made me feel right at home... thanks!

(special comment for marilyn down below here)

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

This really looks and sounded alike a lot of fun. I especially liked Cafe Cliff. Hope I can make one of these rides some time.

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