Sunday, May 22, 2005

He Does Get It!

About 10 years ago, my youngest son, Tom, wanted to attend the premier baseball camp in the country, in Dallas Texas. It was held by Oklahoma States legendary coach Gary Ward. They held it over the Christmas vacation. The time was a new idea they were trying. It didn't work out for the Wards. The camp was coached by Gary and his two sons. All three were major college, head coaches. They only had about 5 or 6 kids at the weekend camp. Tom was going to get almost one on one hitting instruction from one of the best hitting coaches in college baseball, for an entire weekend. I had been Tom's head coach thru t-ball, little league, and pony league,7 years in all. Well Tom had always had one of those baseball swings that made younger players and their coaches, stop and stare. Many times I heard "come here son and which this guy swing, THAT'S a perfect swing". But Tom wanted to get better so we made the arrangements for the not so cheap camp, and airline tickets were purchased.
On the way down to the airport I said "Tom, you know you're going to have to pay for this trip don't you? He quickly replied with a tone that said I needn't have asked, "I know Dad"!
I thought, he doesn't get what I mean, I wasn't talking about the money. I asked "Okay, how are you going to pay for this trip"? He said "Well, when I get older, and have kids of my own, I'll be obligated to coach, it will be my turn".
He did get it.
Well, tonight Marilyn and I went down to Lincoln to watch a coed softball team sponsored by son Dan, and his wife. Tom is coaching the team, and though it isn't the type of team that needs coaching, it does need organized and he is doing a good job of it and is getting acquianted with the time and procedures required in getting a team ready to play.
Everyone plays, it's co-ed, and they do have fun. The field is full of people wearing Morrow Collision Center shirts (their sponsors) and the fun thing is we know most of the players on the team. We got to watch Dan make a catch over his shoulder while running straight away toward center. (2nd time in 2 weeks) and we saw Tom cut down the lead runner at second, three times in one inning, from the mound. After he did it, he walked off the field and caught my eye in the stands and flashed a very confident smile and then proceeded to the dugout to give the names of the next 3 batters. He loved what he was doing, and it showed.
Something tells me that his 'baseball account' is full, and he's ready now to start making installments on that trip.


bridgesitter said...

You should be mighty proud thar Cliff! How wonderful to just sit back and watch your awesome kids, huh?
what you doin' up so late? you be'in a farmer an all?

Cliff Morrow said...

I'm trying to turn the compost on my desk, that's why I was still up.

Greg said...

Baseball has a great affect on people. I watched my dad umpire quite a bit, and then I got to umpire with him, and I can say that it was nothing short of awesome. One night I was behind the plate, and dad was over by second. We had several hand signals that we used for different situations, and I looked at him and he was using signals that I had never seen before. When the inning was over, I walked over to him and asked what he was signaling, and he told me that he was wanting me to steal home. (he used to coach also) It was pretty funny. I miss that kind of stuff. Go Blue!!