Friday, May 06, 2005

Guilty as Charged

I have been shamed into writing a 'retraction' because of Jamie Dawn's comment. I put in an obviously 'tampered with' photo, knowing that the guys in the photo would contact Dad and call him on the enlarged fishies. I had left room for 'fish tale', 'fish story', and all of the other, unused, cliche's. And then I thought "If the boys aren't reading Dad's blog, maybe Ralph will notice the obvious. I think the only one to read the blog was bridgesitter, and Jamie dawn, so to you two, I say I'm sorry, we'll keep it our little secret. On the bright side, I have been contacted by the Washington Post and the New York Times, seems they think I've got what it would take to write for them.


Anonymous said...

Dad, I did read your blog, I guess my mind just automatically exaggerated the size of the fish, because I didn't even notice. Or maybe it was just your technical wizardry that fooled me.

bridgesitter said...

I laughed so hard my husband got jealous, said you were stealing my laughter. 8-)

Jamie Dawn said...

Well, you really fooled me.
I'm going to TRY and enjoy your blog anyway.

Anonymous said...

Fran has said for years that you missed your calling---we know you cud write for them!!!---our house appraised for more than we sold it!!---R