Friday, October 28, 2005

And then I had a great idea. "Lets make a "farmer" calendar and get rich, who's first?" Dan went first and no one would follow. He wanted to be Mr October. We need eleven more farmers or he'll have to be Mr Jan thru Dec. Day is done.


Rachel said...

I can't believe how flat it is and how far you can see and all I can see are corn stalks and 3 little bushes (or trees) far, far away!!

As for Mr. October, aren't those calendars supposed to be showing more skin??? Might be a little itchy laying down in the corn stalks though!

You have good looking boys!

Jerry said...

You guys are having WAY too much fun on the farm. It's weird. We have the same view. It's like we're on opposite ends of a huge multi-state cornfield.

BTW, I finally met Marty last night in Indy. What a great guy. You Morrows are all right.

Triplet Dads said...

Now that, right there, is a corn husker.

Jamie Dawn said...

Thank God he had the sense to keep his clothes on!

I'm sure you appreciate their skilled help and their company. I'm sure they love spending time with good, old dad. Well, you're not that old!
I hope you had time for some fried smart chicken and good conversation around the table before they headed home.

Thanks for sharing the great family pics.