Monday, February 13, 2006

Calling Dinosaurs

I've been sick. So while staring at the tv this morning, a press conference came on. It was the Presidents press secretary. The White House press core demonstrated why there are so many more, horses rear ends in this country, than there are horses.
Upset that the Vice President had hit a friend with birdshot, and did not stop to call the press before rendering aid, the press started yelling things like:
"Isn't this similar to when the levees broke in New Orleans?" (the President supposedly didn't know about them soon enough, like he could have done anything about it in the middle of a category 4 hurricane)
They also yelled in beligerent voices about the hunting accident, "WHAT DID THE PRESIDENT KNOW AND WHEN DID HE KNOW IT?'
Or "When did the administration decide to try to coverup the shooting"?
One fellow stuck his jaw out and pointed an accusing finger and yelled "Has the Vice President even been charged in this shooting"?
Although the Press Secretary began laughing at this question, I didn't. I puked again.
I would like to have heard just one question about the condition of the man who was shot.
The outward hatred for this administration by the Washington press, was in plain sight for all to see. This, from a press who are supposed to be unbiased, and reporting news, and not trying to make it up. The three major networks were there along with CNN. You couldn't possibly have watched this news conference and come away thinking that everything you read or watch is suspect. Very suspect. I have never seen a larger group of self important people in my life. The spin on tonights news will be interesting. What will be more interesting will be the editing to make their newspeople look like reasonable thinking people.
Our cherished journalism schools will applaud what went on, instead of feeling the large amount of shame that is due.


Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

I remember during Desert Storm when one of these "Journalist" punks asked Gen H Norman Schwartzkopf, "How do you think the troops feel taking orders from an older, out of shape officer?"

He responded by saying, "If you'd like to step out back we can discuss it."

They're punks who don't know what they don't know. But, they do speak very highly of themselves.

Hope you feel better soon!

Rhodent said...

Hope you feel better soon, Cliff. I agree with you about the press... they are absolutely ridiculous at times. Seems to me that there are enough things that go on on HOuse and the Senate have enough fodder for every news crew on earth!

Peter said...

Hi Cliff, sorry to hear you've been unwell, it seems that world wide the most important credential for entry into the press corps is stupidity and a generous helping of insensetivity.

Triplet Dads said...

sorry you had to sit through that. Hope you're feeling better.

Jerry said...

Nothing like watching the news to give you that urge to barf when you really need it. I bet you're glad you didn't opt for the wider sink in the bathroom, or you'd be banging your head on it. Hope you're able to keep something down. Wouldn't want you to start looking like some of those skinny Hollywood stars.

Even when sick as a dog, you're still a funny guy, Cliff.

Miki said...

I agree with you, Cliff, the media has gone to hogs' slop, I guess that is beyond "the dogs." I can't believe that some of those were real questions, from folks whose parents spent tons and tons of money on college educations! God knows, the ENQUIRER and the STAR seem more like real papers these days with the"journalism" that we see hear and read.
Thanks for your twist on the news conference this AM, gald that your sense of humor hasn't abandonded you in your ill health. Feel better soon.

Dan said...

So where is Geraldo through all of this? He's about as real of a reporter as you get now a days.

Rachel said...

Those news people are stupid. One reason I don't watch that stuff. It either makes me sad or mad, usually both. Wanting to barf is another reaction too!

Sure hope you are feeling better Cliff.

Jamie Dawn said...

It's Valentine's Day, and I hope you are no longer paying homage to the porcelain god. I hope you & your lovely wife have a nice evening filled with LOVE.

I saw some clips from the media's frantic questioning.
They are like ravenous wolves. It's shameful!
I don't mind jokes at the VP's expense, escpecially because the guy he shot is doing fine. It's all in good fun, but what happened at that press conference was ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as what took place at Coretta Scott King's funeral.
It's hard to stomach sometimes... pun intended.

Jim said...

This was a Texas hunting thing around here, not really a big deal, as the other guy is ok. He is kinda' happy to have been shot by a V.P. Not many people can say that!
He is the butt of jokes too. Another good turn for a lawyer type?
I hope you get to feeling better real soon.

Paul said...

Hear! Hear!

Good post, Cliff. And I hope you feel better pretty durn quick.

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Good talking to you yesterday but you sounded like . . . well, bad.
I will never be a reporter. Mainly because the first thing I thought is that will be his legacy as VP. No matter wheither you like the things that he has done or not. He will always be known as the first VP to shoot someone while in office. Remember our last VP? He wrote a book then made it required reading for all federal employees - and we wonder why it so quickly made the best sellers list.

Maria said...

No question about it the journalists were at their worst. I am not a Cheney fan, but give the guy a break.

Galt-In-Da-Box said...

I like Dick Cheney, but he's much too intelligent for the Kakostocracy to allow him to become President - UNLIKE that idiot that tried to ride Bill Clinton's coattails into the Presidency!
He handled this with personal responsibility, took care of things in priority, and aught to be applauded for having the grit/rocks/sand of a young man.
I rather liked the way he gave that stupid, mouthy blockhead Senator that used to be Democratic Majority Leader "the family parrot" one time!