Saturday, February 11, 2006


Each year our state organization of county officials holds the 'annual workshop'. It is always in Kearney Nebraska. I just got home from that conference last night. The final session was very interesting. The four men running for Governor of Nebraska were each given 30 minutes to make a presentation. The battle has been percieved by the press to be between our current Governor Hieneman and our nationally known ex-head coach of the Cornhuskers, Congressman Tom Osborne.
When it was all over, everyone was talking about the little known Dave Nabity. He quickly won over the crowd. I described him as a cross between the best coach you have ever listened to, and the best preacher you had ever listened to. He gave an impassioned plea to change state government. He was the only one who had a plan to change the status quo. Which by the way isn't working. We had the urge to get up and follow him out of the room. He is now the front runner, for me, at least. It was fun to dream of the future with him as Governor.
On the way home last night, on a flat stretch of a very busy I-80 where it crosses the Platte River, I started experiencing a slick highway. As the Interstate turns north I started seeing more flashing blue and red lights than this farm kid had ever seen. Black ice had developed from the melting light snow we were having. There were 3 roll over accidents on that 2 mile stretch of pavement. This morning the news reported that in the first rollover that I saw, and the one getting all of the attention, a Dodge Ram extended cab, carrying 6 people, had rolled over, ejecting 3 passengers from the vehicle. A sixteen year old girl was thrown out and killed, and her mother was described as being in critical condition. Authorities think that no one was wearing a seatbelt. There were no fatalities in the other two rollovers. All were wearing belts.
I left Kearney dreaming of the future. I got up this morning to listen to the news and find that some have no future to dream about.
Fasten your belts. Dream on.


Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

That my friend is one powerful post. I hate seatbelts but I also respect the good they do. Glad you're home safe.

Rachel said...

Glad you had a good trip Cliff and made it home safely.

I don't know why folks don't wear seatbelts. Once you start doing it, it becomes a habit. I just automatically reach for the belt.
Recently here there was a head on collison and 2 small children were killed and the driver. None of them had on belts! It's the law, but sometimes people ignore it.

Great post Cliff!

Miki said...

Thank you for this one, Cliff. Everyone needs this kind of reminder that seatbelts are GOOD. I am also a firm believer in child safety deats, until they are big enough to wear a seatbelt. My kids were never unseated, and now the older ones are never unbelted. In fact, if my husband even puts the car in gear, or I do, before someone is belted, my 10 year old says, "Wait, I dont, or Patrick doesn't have the seatbelt on....." They both double check their little sister for buckles in the car seat for me too. Thanks for your kind words on my blog, I am trying to gear up and keep my eye where the prize should be, for next Friday. I am gald that I have folks like you to give me my shot of encouragement!

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

Say, there's a concept "a plan." Maybe that should be shared with some of the folks we see whining, gasping and criticizing so frequently on the network. It's even better than when the "plans" involve actual facts, have attainable goals and the progress has measurable goals. Oooop! I need to snap back to reality, too. ;)

That's sad about the rollover. Days ago locally we had one. This poor fellow survived the roll over and was walking for some help. He was hit and killed by a passing car. Cliff, remember when people used to stay in their lane? There you go, another forgotten concept.

Jerry said...

Is Dave Nabity any relation to Dag Nabbit?

Just Help Me said...

how terribly sad!!

Peter said...

Road carnage can be slowed down a little by a few simple things, like respect for other road users, drive to the road conditions, stay alert, use your seat belts,Pretty simple stuff really.

Jamie Dawn said...

That is great that each candidate was given a chance to address the conference goers.

I am really strict about seat belts. Anyone who rides in my car has to wear them. My kids put theirs on without even thinking about it. My son forgets once in a blue moon, and when he does, he gets an ear full from mom.
I wish my hubby would wear his. He doesn't wear his very often.

Paul said...

We pretty much wear our seatbelts all the time. Sometimes we put them on "late," but at least we put them on. We'll pray for those families you mentioned.

M said...

A great reminder about seat belts. I always wear mine and hopefully so do the rest of my family when out of my eye sight.

I find it interesting that there is an interesting newcomer to State politics. A little fearful, too, since our Govenor Scharzenegger was also an interesting newcomer.

Rhodent said...

Black ice is something I fear... and am grateful that I do not have to face other than when I happen to be up north in the winter... and then someone else is driving. Icy sidewalks are bad enough!

I have been much better about wearing my seatbelt since I bought my new car (SUV). I just deided to make it a habit with the change in vehicle. In FL we have to be concerned about heavy rain and hydroplaning year round.

I was relieved when your post did not contain the governor hopeful as one of the casualties of those accidents! I thought for a moment that was where you were going with it!

I am very glad that you got home safely, as I'm sure your family was happy to have you home in one piece!

Keep safe!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

this is why I hate winter..

i must admit, i make my kids buckle up and are all safe and cozy, but someimtes i do not wear mine..

but i will from now on:)

I am glad you made it home safe cliff;)

its a shame what not wearing your seatbelt and icy roads can do to a family

Dan said...

I'm sure everyone has seen the photos of Brittnie Speers with her 4 month old in her lap traveling down the freeway. I'm all for teaching kids to drive when they are younger, maybe 13 or 14 on private property. In my opinion, she was willfully putting the childs life in danger. I mean, rocket scientist or not, shouldn't she be in jail right now? And yes dad, I will be blogging about Britnay again soon.

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