Saturday, February 04, 2006

SuperBowl Sunday!

The National Football League, again has the potential for a great game. Two great teams and a matchup that will not be for the faint of heart. If you don't think these guys are playing for keeps, try zeroing in on a one on one matchup.
The NFL is solely responsible for the content of the halftime show but they've had trouble in the past. Nothing says football quite like a rap star skipping around the stage, chanting something unintelligible, and grabbing his crotch at the beginning of every line. While a group of backup singers, all with my build, standing in the back and saying 'choo-choo-ca-choo..choo-choo-ca- choo.
Then the league had it's falling out with Janet Jackson. No, it was the other way around.
Now they've gambled that the Rolling Stones will all, still be alive at halftime.
I'm wondering why the league doesn't admit that people eat and go potty during half time, and that their money would be better spent on charity and to hire the best college marching band to perform. Or better yet, leave a stationary camera on the field, and go quiet.
Look, you've got folks who tune in for the game, others the commercials, and the few remaining would be split between asleep or spaced out for some reason. They certainly aren't worth spending more than a couple hundred dollars to entertain.
Or, maybe if I see the Rolling Stones tomorrow, I might become inspired and come away thinking that I still have a chance at life. If they don't need a walker...then I don't need a walker.


Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

When I heard Rolling Stones were doing the half time show I had two thoughts. The first was, I wished I wasn't in the kitchen getting more to eat last year - I heard Janet gave quite a "show". The second was the Stones are older than I am - hope they got them at the senior discount rate.

Rhodent said...

I never thought Mick Jagger was anything I wanted to look at. Yes he had a few good songs... but good grief! I want to stick my finger down my throat when I look at him now. I hope NONE of us age that way!

I t should be a good game. At halftime I will fix snacks or something... maybe make a phone call or something as well.

Jerry said...

If you need a walker, just call. We've got all your geriatric supplies out here on the farm.

I'll be in the attic re-wiring Dad's in-house antenna. Wouldn't you know that ABC is the one channel that doesn't come in clear at their house.

Enjoy the game!

Jim said...

I like their music (Rolling Stones) though I haven't kept up with their latest songs if they have any. Most of my students could relate to 'necessities' (business law term) after I did some words from You can’t always get what you want.
The game is ok with me but I don't know much about either team. I like the Pittsburg spunk.
Jerry, could you come to my house and fix my in-house antenna so I can get NBC better on Channel 2. If you would filter out the very strong Channel 3 that would probably fix the problem. My kids and in-laws have cable or Dish. My mother-in-law at age 88 doesn't have cable either, like us.

Just Help Me said...

ok some of their old songs r good even though mick is ugly as dirt. but come on the game is in motown city, why not get someone from motown. you know i am rooting for the steelers. look for my husband he will be right by the tunnel where the teams come out!!! ha ah like you know what he looks like. lol i am just so excited for him that he is there. go steelers.

Peter said...

Careful Cliff, after his starring roll as Ned Kelly Ol' Mick might take to you if you disparage him.

Idgie @ the "Dew" said...

Super Bowl Sunday! Ya know what that means to the Idgster?

I'm hitting the mall and going shopping!


(I have NO desire to see the Rolling Oldies gyrate their hips at me on stage either - blech.)

Dan said...

The stones suck!
Janet Jackson Sucks worse!
light shows and fireworks are boring, and they suck!
there are a million cheap things they could do that would be better. Having the cheerleaders perform would please most. How about something simple, yet funny, like a 5th grade spelling bee with really hard words, a demonstration of police dogs nabbing drug dealers, Geraldo Rivera, American Idol try-outs, a Mike Tyson spelling bee, or a good old-fashioned chicken round up! How stupid do they think we are?
I don't know what was worse last year, the lame "wardrobe malfunction" trick by a talentless never-was, or the reaction from millions of parents who think their kids haven't seen and heard worse a school. Good post by the way!

Rachel said...

This must be super bowl Sunday then. You can see that does nothing for me. I never understood football. A bunch of guys wearing padded suits and saying "hut" and then kicking a ball and then trying to run over each other and all falling down in a big pile and a bunch of grunting going on.
But for those who enjoy it and understand it, then more power to you!

I liked Dan's comments! I think he should be in charge of entertainment during half time from now on. He's got my vote! I have no desire to see the Rolling Stones. If they were out there actually rolling stones (rocks) around that would probably be more interesting!

Enjoy the day Cliff. Good post!

Jamie Dawn said...

I just tuned in for the half-time show to see if Mick Jagger still looks really old. Yes, he still does.
Now, I'm bouncing around from channel to channel, blogging intermittedly, lounging in a comfy chair.
Just call me Queen. I plan to milk this for a couple more days, until my family gets tired of fixing food for themselves.
That's a lovely pic of your wife and Terah. Even if the smiles are fake.

Cliff Morrow said...

Well yes JD, I expected very little from the Stones, and was still disappointed.
The game is over now, I'm not sure who the best team is. I have a hunch that with a fairly called game and better coaching in tight situations, Seattle would take 7 of 10 games.

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

I guess as far as the half time show goes your tune was, "I can't get no sat-is-fac-tion"

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Hahaha, good 1 about JJ.

Somehow hubba hubba doesn't see understand why I "don't get" the behavior of football players. I burst out laughing and point out why but that is met with glares. I'm politeif we have guests over. (We didn't entertain this year.)

If I mentioned crotch grabbing again to hubba hubba in that sense, well this is a family blog! I guess it's yet another football signal I have no clue about...that is, on the football field.)Don't spew your morning coffee, Cliff. {**}

Rachel summed up how I feel about football, but I've learned to be polite about keeping my opinion to myself (when they're around.) Luckily, I'm not a football widow since he/they only like one team and that one missed the SuperBowl this yr in a close call...

I'll never live down that I met two players (at a charity event) and did not obtain autographs for my husband nor take photos. I also met someone else..well I can't say, but if they had been theatre stars I'd have been much more wowed, even though these guys were extremely nice and not there just for the press.

We didn't have a Bowl Party and I didn't watch the game so I had no idea the NON-music of the Stones was there. I never was into their music (yuck, yuck, yuck!)Now I'm reminded of a nightmare college car trip home. The driver "dug" the stones, whose music I had never even heard of! He blared it for the entire 3 hrs 47 min. (It figures we were stuck in traffic.)I had no other ride back to college either so double the effect.

Paul said...

I gave up on professional football several years ago. I rarely watch pro football anymore. For some, it's fine, I guess. But if it's such a big deal, why are they going to do it again next year? "All we like sheep..."

Oh, and did you know that Spring Training is just around the corner...

A good post, Cliff. Enjoyable.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

superbowl..thats basketball right?